Remembering When...and Counting Blessings

Remember when as a child you would argue and fight with your sibling and your mother would make you hug each other.  You didn't want to do it, but before long, in that warm hug you would find laughter?

Each time you were made to hug, you soon forgot the anger.  And after a while your mother didn't need to remind you that even though you might disagree, you could still love each other.  There was no need to hold grudges.  

There is such strength to be found in sibling love.  You have a friend, ally and source of support there.  

My mother must have done that for us because when she died, my oldest sister would make me and my closest in age sister hug.  And when I grew up, I did the same with my children.  And the litiney was the same, that is your 'sister/brother' you are to love her/him no matter what.'  That is your blood.  Don't go to sleep angry with them.  You will be able to count on them when there is nobody else.  

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