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Romance to Marriage

Romance to Marriage


The romance warming and beautiful the feeling that nothing will ever change envelopes you and lulls you into a false sense of security.

I want you to notice the water, isn't it beautiful and calming and the sun sitting over the water is so romantic isn't it?

When Does The Honeymoon End?


Hmmm, right about now I'd say! You see it's my theory that nothing wilts the lilies of love any quicker than steam off of hot dish water! LOL

Although I jest a bit truth is that most marriages start out with unpractical expectations. Those romantic walks, sitting on the beach at sunset and so on are wonderful.


Trust me when I say they don't last! At this point you might be saying, "What makes this woman and expert?" That would be a very good question.

My answer would be 33 years of marriage that's what! Yes, to the same man...


For those of you about to be married with the full knowledge that things will change regardless of how in love you are I congratulate you.

For those of you that don't know this, my sympathy and I hope you didn't spend a lot on the wedding!

Go into the marriage with the knowledge that love is forever and romance is not unless you keep it there on purpose.

If you were allowed to know only one thing about a marriage before you took the plunge this this would be the thing to know.

More next time...


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  • Every engaged couple should read this.  Thanks Susan ... great advice.

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    I just liked your fan page Susan. I wish you all the best with it. I encourage everyone to support Susan by liking her fan page.

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    Yes, this is a wonderful community :) and I would love for all that are here to join me. The facebook fan page is    It's not 100% I am still working on it but i have posted my blog post on there and will do another soon.

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    I will be the first to like it, just send me your fan page link Susan. I'm sure all the members here will do the same too. This is a great community and we help each other. This is one thing I am most proud of since I started Syndication Express.

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    Hi Terri,

    Yea, I think that should be a good enough portfolio don't you? lol Thank you very much for the share :) I also am building a facebook page for my Marriage Maze blog. I hope that when I get that on my blog everyone will go and like the page but I haven't finished it yet. :)

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    33 years Susan, you're qualified to speak on this subject. Waiting to hear what you will say in your next post. Shared on Facebook and Twitter land. Blessings for you and your hubby.

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