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Hi All,

I am George Pierce.  I literally create content in my sleep.  Above is a snapshot of the dashboard of 'Free Download Manager'.  It is a 100% free tool that downloads videos between 3 AM and 7 AM automatically.  The content that it downloads is/are vintage movies, vintage TV shows, vintage commercials, vintage cartoons, vintage music, and more.  The source is a Public Domain site called Internet Archives (archive dot org). The content is for a YT channel that is about vintage videos and music.  

I share this with you because almost every kind of digital marketing/ Internet marketing is going to require content, lots of content.  I am primarily a content marketer, I am most fortunate in that I have a lot of passion and knowledge in my niches which are weight loss and Internet marketing, so running out of content has never been a problem for me, but it is apparently a real problem for many content creators.  In fact, it is one of the reasons why many aspiring online marketers quit.  In my opinion, quit is the worst four-letter word since it is the only way to fail and I consider online marketing to be failproof.

I share this so that you can see that content creation is literally automatic, literally done in my sleep, and takes me no time.  

There is more to this process than downloading and uploading, such as a few quick research steps before scheduling a video to be downloaded called Niche Research, and after the video is published, sharing that video on social media sites is also a part of the process.

The strategy is a way to make money on YouTube. It not only works it is making people rich.  More about that in a moment. 

If you want to consider getting in on this strategy, it is quite easy and I already have put together step-by-step training that you can follow.

The physical process itself, as mentioned, is super easy.  As you can see, I am one of the few that share what I am doing, rather than, see what I just found.   As mentioned, I have put together step-by-step training that covers how to do niche research, and how to gain more exposure after publishing, you will also get help with what is called SEO which is another way that helps you to tap into free traffic. Everything is free.  There is zero cost. 

If you are looking for a way to make money online, a way that works and is not going to cost you money, watch this video.  It will give you a much clearer understanding of the process. 

How To Make Millions On YouTube (PROOF) Never Make Videos No Cost No Risk Faceless Video Made Easy

If you like what you see in the video, if this seems like a good fit, you will find the rest of the steps below the video.

Thanks for reading.  

Much success,

George Pierce

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  • Thanks for the info George. Have a great day! 

  • Top Commentor

    This is awesome. Your own content machine that works when you are not..Cool stuff George. 

    • Top Video Contributor

       I live in the mountains and I love it, but I could not get anything but dial-up Internet for the longest time, I can still only get satellite Internet.  A download manager seems to be like a bulldog when it comes to an Internet connection, so, initially, it was a way to avoid getting timed out.  It has proven to be very helpful with this strategy, as you say it works when I am not working.  My downloads are ready when I need them.  Thank you, John.

  • Top Member

    Thank you for sharing your post about creating content on automatically. I'm with you, this is something people need to know how to do. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I do not have a problem with running out of content (or hot air), but creating content takes time, even with the help of AI. Thanks, Terri.

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