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Self Help A Better You!

Self Help A Better You!

Self Help

Self help is the road map to a better you. You should be confident, are you; you should like yourself and have a life of abundance do you?

If not, why not?

Self help is not magic it's a Science this is what confuses many people. Honestly a large percent of the universe thinks it's just plain bunk-junk!

When you came out of the womb you had no preconceived idea that there was anything you could not do, did you know that?

Your next question might be, “Well where then did my preconceptions of negative ideas come from? I hope you are ready for this answer you might not like it.

The ideas more times than not come from people you love care about and respect. People like family, friends and those that you look up to.

Although, well-meaning as they may be they are programing your brain in a certain way that’s detrimental to your success in all that you do.

You shouldn’t get mad at them or accuse them because they really believe when they do these things they are doing it for your good (believe it or not)!  

Many times they just want to keep you from getting your hopes up and then being let down. Then again it could be that they were raised the same way.

Quick example: My mother is and was the best mom ever. I was an only child and she over the years told me there was nothing I could not do...right?

However, after I got up to an age to start having those big dreams of childhood like I was going to be in the movies, sing or whatever her response was (more or less), “Yeah right.”  

I loved and respected my mom and knew mom knew best therefore, I took those negative words to heart. Now, did mom mean to do anything negative to me? No.

It was a natural response to either the way she was raised or let downs during her life which were never dealt with through any kind of reprogramming.

Many of the older generation knew nothing of self help books or tapes. The theory back in the day was, "That's life and that's just how it is, get over it!"

I can tell you personally:

  • That is NOT just how it is
  • You actually can do something about it
  • Nothing in your life is set in stone (not the good or the bad)
  • You can change it to be what ever you want it to be.

self help

I have done things I never thought possible just by turning the negative to the positive and trying it regardless of what others think. You can to if you will just open up to reprogramming your mind to positiveness.


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