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Seniorisms by LMW Some Things Never Change

 I spent the day researching what I'd like to address in my post today... I happened upon two videos that would easily describe my subject... The first one I chose is seen through the lens of the camera of my friend, Microdac... Bizarre Thinking: The purpose of life is to be happy... This is fitting because as those who know me are aware that I practice, Extraordinary Happyness so I don't find that purpose to be bizarre at all...  I just smile & embrace it...

Then I thought of the state of our country when I came across this video titled the Wisdom of Will Rogers...  William Penn Adair "Will" Rogers (November 4, 1879 – August 15, 1935) was a stage and motion picture actor, vaudeville performer, American cowboy, humorist, newspaper columnist, and social commentator...  He died before I was born but I always enjoyed his sense of humor... 

After I watched this video it occurred to me that many of these quotes would be applicable to many of the situations that we're experiencing today & would still add some humor to them...  Whoever said history repeats itself was right on the money...  In today's world, he'd probably have his own successful late show...

So long 'til next time...

Linda Michel White


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I am an 83-year-old, Extraordinarily Happy Networker, Senior Blogger & Mentor in Training... I have almost 32 years of personal development and recovery under my belt... I'm a firm believer in one is never too old to learn... I've recently progressed from mourning the loss of my friend, Tom Barabas to celebrating his very accomplished life and that made me feel better... He brought so much beauty and pleasure into so many lives with his music... You can find his music videos on youtube under Tom Barabas...

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    Francis Cassady
    Will Rogers is the pragmatic American , really the perfect example. I'd like to think that most Americans are still good people, with kind,practical and generous souls. This is exemplified, in these challenging times, more than ever. As we see people coming together more,(in a safe way) doing the right thing, taking care of one another,probably with a bit more humility. The same stuff that built this Country.....pragmatism,grit, honesty,can-do spirit. Good thoughts, thank you Linda.
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      Thank you, Francis, for your definition of being an American... I like to think, American ends in I Can! One thing Donald Trump did for this country is to wake us up to show us what we don't want to become... Another reason for me to be grateful for all I have which is My sanity... :D
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    A Wonderful job you did and I believe your research helped you to make this post fantastic. Thanks for sharing the video. I agree with George's comment.
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      Thank you, Terri for your comment of support for my contribution to humor... I try! In my research I always wind up entertaining myself & then I just pass it on... :D
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      Well it works out perfectly Linda.
  • Top Video Contributor
    I agree that we are meant to be happy. Will Rogers manages to combine wisdom and humor so well, thank you, Linda. I enjoyed it.
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      I guess the only place I really learned about Will Rogers was at the movies at a Saturday afternoon matinee... I guess you could say, thems was the good ole' days... Thanks for your comment, George... :D
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    Will Rogers is an absolute gem Linda, I love the humour. Humour and the ability to laugh at oneself is what is sorely lacking in self-righteous twittersphere and pc land. Our responsibility, as I see it, is to bring laughter and joy into the world every moment of the day and at every opportunity. You've made a good job of that here.
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      I have learned to love self-deprecating humor... I guess that's what made me successful at clowning... You are so right, Tom... Without laughter in my world life just wouldn't be worth living... Another reason for my gratitude... Thanks for your comment... :D
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