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Seniorisms by LMW – The Thrill of Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm is a word that has always sounded so full of
energy to me. I guess it just depends on how much you're willing to put into it... I use music to energize myself & get my imagination cookin'...

Because I live in Florida, I put myself in My Sunshine State of Mind & then make sure I'm Sunny Side Up... I'd like to share this with you... Freddy Ravel is one of my favorite artists... I just can't help but feel good when I listen to his music... I like music that makes me feel good, no blues for me... See what you think...

How I discovered the magic of enthusiasm... When I was clowning, I was a solo act in all of the parades in Pinellas County, where I live... It was Christmas time & I was entered in the second largest parade in the county... I had a fun bike that I used to ride behind a band in the parade...
I would bounce up & down keeping time to the music, doin' doughnuts, all the while shouting out, “Merry Christmas to you Pinellas Park!” The crowd just loved it... I had a blast! Well, later that week I got a call from that city telling me I won 1st place as the best clown entry... I won over all the other clown groups, just me, myself & I... :D
I was absolutely “Blissin” over that...

Well, so much for my Sunday Night Musical Adventure...

Signing off 'til next time...

Let's make it an awesome year from
my little corner of the world to yours!

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I am an 80 year old, Extraordinarily Happy Networker, Senior Blogger and Mentor in Training... I have 30 years of personal development and recovery under my belt... I'm a firm believer in one is never too old to learn...

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    Just learning more about you Linda and I love the music video too. Thanks for sharing your experiences here in the SE community.
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    You have some interesting experiences to share Linda. I know it had to feel good to make the people and especially the children feel good, smile and laugh. I love the music in the video.
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      Thank you, Robin. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I never did parties because I heard from other clowns that children can be mean because they don't think you're real. I did parades instead. That way I could entertain the kids & stay safe! :D
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      You're welcome Linda, Terri told me she had the pleasure of talking to you and she said she enjoyed the conversation. You are always so positive, the kind of person you like to know.
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    No clownin' here Linda, just seriously good fun and the inspiration of demonstrating that anyone can be best at anything when they do what they love, give pleasure to others and give it their best shot!
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      Thank you, Tom for your positive comment. I needed a hobby to occupy my time when not at work or AA meetings. I chose learning to become a clown because that just suited my personality. I made the right choice because I had a ball! :D
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