" Should This Be Your New Year Resolution" ?


Smoking Still Remains To Be The Primary Preventable Cause Of Many Fatalities All Over The World.. But If You Are A Smoker, You Know That Kicking This Habit Is Easier Said Than Done. You Can Put The Blame On Nicotine, Which Is A Highly Addictive Tobacco Component That Can Lead To Emotional Dependency And Physical Withdrawal.

You Don’t Need A New Year To Make A Resolution. Any Time Is As Good, To Get Rid Of This Habit.

Before Anything Else, You Need To Deal With Your Addiction As Well As The Habits That Go With This. Start With Creating A Realistic Plan That Will Help You Get Through This Particular Challenge.

Create A Support Group 

Eliminate The Temptations 

Be Active 

Never Give Up 

Learn From The Past Attempts.........

No One Said That Quitting Is Easy. Make A Commitment To Yourself And Others. 

Practice These Simple Steps To Get Over Your Temptation To Keep On....

Wishing you all the success in kicking out this and to a healthy life



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  • I lost my husband and so many close friends and relatives because of this awful addiction. I'll share this post, Iyengar.

  • I was a smoker for 57 years and I can't count the number of times I tried to quit but come March 2017 it will be 2 years I have been smoke free. Yes I do have COPD but hopefully stopped in time before it got too bad. I also watched my husband pass away due to smoking and that helped me stay off them but I will never go back to smoking. Thanks for a great post.
  • Thanks for adding my post in the featured list.

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    Smoking is a very addictive habit. My father had a hard time quitting. I wish he could have quit smoking. Prayer and will power will help greatly, this is my belief. 

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