Six Things You Need to Have in Your Marketing Campaign in 2015

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 This is a Guest Author Post from Diana Smith

Since the beginning of online marketing, the whole idea about building marketing strategies have divided into two parts: offline and online marketing. Since the classifications somehow imposes itself, it is important that you do your best in both of these two segments. 2015 will start soon and you better start planning your marketing campaign. Of course, the best way to do so is to hear about the new trends, revise the old ones and see which marketing ideas and strategies gave good results in the past year. With all that info, make sure you also deal about these offline and online strategies.

Make your Site SEO Friendly

To have SEO friendly website means to make it visible and attractive to Google and search engines that will pick it up and show it as a relevant site for particular keywords. It means that it will be presented and delivered to people who are searching precisely what you need to offer. Therefore, do all the things necessary to make it a relevant source of info. It is done by excellent meta data on your site and outstanding, high quality content that people want to read and share. Also, this involves sharing it yourself on social networks and other means of distributing content.

Make your Site Mobile Friendly

In the era of mobile devices, it is unreasonable to have a site that doesn’t have a mobile version. This is very important and very valuable investment as many people browse on their smartphones and tablets. They even make purchases that way, so don’t lose on that traffic and clients and make sure the mobile version is intuitive and easy to use.

Make Your Site Easy to Use

Being easy to use goes for your site as well. It is all about intuitive interface and practicality. Since there is more and more competition every day out there, you need to make sure that your site will be the ones people choose when making a purchase. It definitely won’t their first choice if they need to spend more than two minutes finding all the info they need. They will just go on to the next site. Make it easy to use and make everything a click away.

When you go through all these things that you need to do online, also make sure that the offline marketing campaigns aren’t far behind as well. There are at least two things that you should definitely do to in 2015. in order to create a great marketing platform for your business.

Organize an Event

Think about a cause that is close to your line of business. It can be a charity event, a sports event or anything that you ca think off that will turn heads and newspapers your way. Sponsor it and don’t be too pushy but let your logo and your company name be visible and clearly responsible for the good deed you are doing. It really doesn’t have to be much, but it will help you build your brand. 2015 will be big on small businesses and local businesses, so make sure you are visible and known in your local area.

Make Excellent Promotional Products

The best promotional products are the ones that are well made and have high quality and that are useful. It is because people want to save those products and they stick to them. This increases the chances of the info and company name to mean something to them and they are more likely to become your customers. Also, it is great if the item is somehow related to your line of work because of the easier association.

It can never be stressed enough that all these things need to be on a budget. That is evergreen advice that any marketing expert will tell you. Although it is a very powerful tool, when it is not controlled, marketing can dry your bank account. Therefore, stick to your plans and precise strategy making, especially when it comes to planning your marketing budget. Of course, always leave space for some unexpected expenses since you never know what new things can happen in 2015.

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