Special Days

Have you ever had a special day that means alot to you? That day has more meaning to you then any other day?
When I moved up here to Oklahoma I had to deal with hard times. My father passing away three weeks after I moved up here.
Companies I worked hard for was keeping my checks. I worked hard for my clients and I got treated like I barely work.
Could not find a good friend that would treat me right. Could not get in a good relationship. I felt like Oklahoma is just bad news here. Nothing good was happening for me.  Now that I have an awesome church I have better things in my life. Great Friends that I call my sisters and brothers. I'm very Greatfull for the people in my church.

When my father passed away I got closer with the Lord and wanted to get baptized but the churchs around the area I lived did not want to listen to me. 

I moved to another area and started going to church and I finally found a church that would baptize me. I love this church.
I'll do anything for this church. The funny thing is I used to drive by this church and wonder how good it was. 
My birthday is Jan 27th and I got baptized May 27th. The cool part is two other women that got baptized on that day has the same birthday but different months. So to me the 27th is a very special day. 

The fact that the Pastor baptized me when no other church would makes this very special to me. I wanted this since 08 and I got baptized in  May 27th 2012. 

I thank the Lord everyday for answering my prayers and giving me this chance to be baptized. I want to keep growing with him daily. He has put things in my heart that I want to accomplish before I die.

Being close with the Lord is the greatest thing there is. It's sad to see folks not giving the love for God like he does for  us. If you think about it He give us love 24/7 but how much love do we give him? 

I like to show the plexus testimonies because it gives you an idea how well these products work. And what it can help with.

Kelly's testimony- My plexus journey so far .. Well to go back a alittle .Before plexus

 found me ..at one point I was on a pain cocktail that consisted of 5 pills And i took

 that 2-4 times a day ..Then I had probably had another I0 that I took for this or that .. They all made me gain even more weight !
I had insulin resistance which turned into full blown diabetes .. ( Within 2 weeks of

 taking slim I was off all diabetic meds ) I had also developed neuropathy in feet and

 hands / occipital neuralgia ( where the occipital muscle gets inflamed and gives 

you a head ache worse tha migraines .also a bulging disk with a spur @c 4-5 I would

 be in bed for days .. Before plexus I was on all those meds plus injections in my neck

 once a week 3 shots on each side .. The relief would last maybe a week .. I also 

had fibro myalgia and I have arthritus in my hips ..I saved the best for last I was

 recently diagnosed with AS ( Ankylosing Spondalitis) my spine will start to fuse Its self

 together but I am hopeful That our great Dr. will have good news

 on that for me soon ! Since Plexus slim and accelerator I have lost 13 lbs and many

 many inches . Am wearing a pants size smaller and shirt size .. Im now able to wear

 my favorite bras for the first time in a couple of years !!! And I just feel

 better ! On the pain side the fast relief has done wonders !!! No more injections !

 Down to 3 prescribed pills and the rest are my plexus products ! My amazing leader

 says I'm a walking testimony ! And I know she is right !!! Thank you Lord and
 thank you Plexus Products !

Thank You for Reading and God Bless
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