Spending Time With Nature!

Nature has many healing benefits. Do you ever notice how stress or tension starts to fade when you are near the ocean or out hiking on a trail in the forest? Some people like to spend time in the garden. Just the simple act of putting your hands in the dirt can be meditative and therapeutic.


Being outdoors is a wonderful way to clear negative energy and reconnect with ourselves. Mother Nature is very giving. It is now nearing Summer, give yourself this opportunity to reconnect with nature and be mindful of your Physical, Mental, Emotional Strengths and Overall Health. 

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  • Marlene, that must be an awesome job.

  • I have always looked to nature for my inspiration. I am actually a nature trip organizer and leader. Thanks for your post, Deana.
  • The reason I moved to the coast from London.  I see the sea and the stress disappears.  Thanks for sharing Deana.

  • Thanks for all the wonderful comments here! I love the ocean , camping and just a simple hike on a nature path. Enjoy your summer!

  • Wonderful post, Deana and I am like Bessie.  My favorite place to relax and unwind is at the ocean.  As soon as I feel that sea breeze, I am a new person.  Thanks for sharing.

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    Great post and a very true one at that! Nature is us and we are Nature we are as One and so many don't seem to get the connection. To me Nature is life, it's God's face the only one we are able to see anyway, Nature heals us,teaches us and guides us when we let it.

    Wonderful post


  • A great reminder to take time to relax and relieve the stresses of life. Walks in the park, relaxing on the beach, taking vacation, enjoying a great swim , and /or planting your garden will help us connect with nature and reguvenate our spiritual and mental energy. Let's all take Deana' advice! Thanks Deana!
  • Deana, Your post served as a wonderful reminder of the benefits of spending relaxing time out doors.  My favorite outdoor place is at the beach.  Reconnecting to self, as you said keeps us mindful of  our overall health.  Thank you for the article, Deana.  Sharing.

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    Excellent post Deana and I have shared this everywhere.

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