Staying Open For Something New

Here is a story for you

 Mary Lee Bendolph grew up picking cotton. She lived in one of the poorest parts of the country. She and her neighbors often struggled to survive. Yet even in the worst of times, Mary Lee and her friends made quilts. They stitched together patches from old pants,shirts,sheets,and towels to keep their loved ones warm.

While they stitched, the quilters sang gospel songs, read the bible, and prayed for God's Blessings. The quilts were a big  part of the life in their little Alabama town. So Mary Lee and the other quilters were understandably wary when an art collector showed up one day asking about them. He praised their quilts and offered to buy them.

Some of the quilters refused, even though the collector offered hundreds of dollars. Mary Lee was among those who decided  to trust him. You see, She was open for something new. 

I always prayed for the Lord to make a better way for me, and He did, She said later.

In this story I felt the same way when Plexus came into my life. This is the opportunity the Lord placed in my life.

 Everyone is so used to getting medications from doctors and they use home remedies to help them with many health issues.

But what if your able to take something that can help you in more ways then one? What if you can get your health back to normal and your able to share it with others who need the same kind of help that you have?

It's time to get your health back to normal don't you think? Why take medications that are still not giving you the healing  you need to get thru your daily life? 

People have the choice either take medications from their doctors and still suffer or take plexus products and be able to  do more in their daily life. Many People take the Plexus Products over the medications and  their very happy with their choice.
Thank you for reading and God Bless


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