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Stop Feeling Like a Failure You're doing A...

Stop Feeling Like a Failure You're doing A...

feeling like a failure

Feeling like a failure? Don't let that stop you, here's a secret about the highest paid marketer...

There are days they too feel like a failure. What makes them the big bucks is that they don't stop or give into that self pity like so many others do.

When you have a good company you are working with and your not making it that doesn't mean "You" are the failure.

What it does mean is that you just haven't found your zone yet but you will don't worry.

feeling like a failure

Here are some things that you can do to turn things around:

  • Track your ads
  • Try other places to advertise
  • Think about what you look for when you shop
  • Think about what sells you on something.

Check out the 20 things that Bryan Eisenberg has listed as reasons people buy. ( ) 

I hope this will help you shew away that feeling that you are a failure. Remember, you are not a failure you just haven't found your zone!

No one is a failure by birth therefore, failures are made not born and if failure is made and not born it can be changed. The question then becomes...

feeling like a failure

If you are looking for a great company to hook up with that has a great reputation then I would like to offer you a peek at one I've associate with for over 5 years and never been let down...

Find all you need to know here.



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  • Certainly enjoyed this!
  • Top Blogger

    Hi Timothy,

    Thank you so much I am so glad you like it :) and thank you for sharing it.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Merle,

    Yes I know how you feel I'm the same way this is the only thing I have ever had 1oo% faith in and was a wise decision on my part as it turns out. Thank you for your comment.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Angela, thank you so much for everything. :)

  • Love this Susan! I posted on my blog for others to see with your name linked back to this post.

  • Thanks Susan, great advice and I am also glad to be a part of that company.

  • Excellent article Susan with some really good suggestions attached.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Terri,

    It's true quitters never win but what I hope that everyone takes away is that even those at the very top suffer from the same feelings and get around it. The same as everyone else needs to do! :) thank you for the comment and sharing it.

  • Top Member

    A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. Great advice and tips in this post Susan. Happy to share your post out to the universe for more to read.

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