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Success Factor: The Will to Succeed

Success Factor: The Will to Succeed

One major success factor is the will to succeed. You might think having the will to succeed is more than enough but it's not.The Will to succeed might get you to the top however...

If you want to stay there you better have the will to prepare. You better gain knowledge of your craft. If you think that's BS take a look at some of the child actors over the years that hit it big.

They became a huge success by the sheer will to become an actor or actress. Then as suddenly as it came it went leaving them with no clue about their future.

They had no real training in the industry or knowledge of how the industry really works. They were unprepared to deal with sustaining the fame, or how to recapture it once it had ended, then they crashed and burned.

Rather than placing all your energies in succeeding, place 98% of that energy into learning your craft or business.

Those that will follow you will only do so if they perceive you as and expert or leader in your field. To be perceived as one you must be one.

To be one you must know your business or craft inside out. Now for your test...

  1. Do you watch the videos you're supposed to?
  2. Do you go to webinars?
  3. Do you show up at events?
  4. Do you study what your business is about?

If your answer is no then you are not only NOT prepared; your not even preparing to prepare.

Your willingness to prepare is in direct coloration to your success. If you are not willing to prepare then you are not ready to succeed and the Universe knows this.

Those honors you see Ray Higdon, Dave Woods and all those top marketers earning didn't come to them by being willing to succeed it came to them because they were...

Willing to prepared as well as prepared to succeed.

Enjoy your life,laugh much,love completely,dream big and hug often.

"In marketing it's never about you and ALWAYS about the other person. Believe it, Remember it, Practice it and success will be yours."

From my heart to yours


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  • Top Blogger

    Thank you Fiona for your comments and sharing. :)

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Fiona,

    Well I am a procrastinator as well and I have to keep on myself all the time. I do what I learned however, I make my self do those things for 30 days then it's not hard at all. However, those 30 days hooooo boy lol

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Julie,

    Yes, I do know what you mean I know of those that learn and learn sort of becoming one of those career students that never use what they learn. If you don't have a bit of a balance then either way isn't good.

  • Great points Susan.  I've seen both extremes, those who do no training to improve their knowledge and skills AND those who are constantly getting ready to work, but never getting to it.

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