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Success is The Product of Refusing to Fail

Success is The Product of Refusing to Fail

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There is a reason these guys wear a mask it's because they are bandits pure and simple. Not only are they bandits they are GOOD bandits. These guys will not give up, they have not a clue what failure even is and they are so focused there is no way they can fail. We live in the country and seem to collect animals. The word is out in critter-ville if you show up the Boston's will feed you. We keep a bag of cat food on the back porch to feed the cats outside. We were keeping it in a nice plastic container with a tight lid, or so we thought. Suddenly the top of the container would be open every morning. My husband caught two of these masked bandits one morning when he took the pup out, they were in the feed. These two are huge! Then the battle began...

We made sure the top was secure, the next morning it was up again, then we shut it and put a gallon of windshield wash on top, the next morning it was open. Fine, we were NOT going to be outsmarted by a critter, so we actually put a two-wheel dolly on top of it. The next morning they had removed the dolly, opened the container and apparently ate their fill. Let me just say, "I can't even lift this thing!" Everything we have done has failed! Every problem we have put in front of them they have solved regardless. Their success is the product of them refusing to fail! 

Success is meeting problems head on figuring them out, not giving up ever and, when you do this your success will be the product of you refusing to fail. 



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  • Too funny, Susan. How demoralizing to be defeated by these determined critters but what a lesson learned.  You can't possibly fail if you are determined to succeed.  Thanks for sharing this, it gave me great resolve to keep on keeping on. 

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    Great message and title Susan. I know you'll figure out how to stop those critters from getting in the feed. Just do some critical thinking about it. Let me know what you come up with. Absolutely great value in this post. 

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