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Syndication Express for the WRONG reason?

Hi All,

This post is about automatic FREE CONTENT for your website, how to get it, and how SE can help. 


For some website applications, it is necessary to use an HTML editor. One of those applications is 'setting up an RSS feed' or RSS  widget as you see below.  You can set up one feed or multiple feeds.  I will be sharing a video shortly about how you can easily set this up for your website.  Your benefit is that these feeds automatically post new content the search engines love.  if your site is a content site, an RSS feed will add icing to the cake.  

To set up multiple feeds, you will need an RSS widget, I used Surfing Waves which is free and you will need an HTML editor.   I used Sea Monkey which is an outstanding free editor, another excellent free HTML editor is Blue Griffon.  

Some website builders provide HTML access, so you may have an HTML editor built-in, but many do not.  A free downloadable HTML editor is awesome but it is about a 200 MB download.  Finding a free online HTML editor that is worthy is not so easy.  Right here, on Syndication Express, you will find excellent HTML editors for posts, PRs, videos, etc.  

SE is actually a good alternative when it comes to an excellent free HTML editor along with helping you to syndicate your posts so one post on SE gets multiple exposures.   The more exposure that you get, the better.  Joining SE in order to use an excellent free online HTML editor is not what I am suggesting, because SE is about helping us to share our content with more people.

If you have not yet joined SE, getting access to a free HTML editor is another benefit that you ay not be aware of. 

This is the HTML

On SE, you do not have access to 'Tables' which allows for more that one column. However, you can do a single column, just add one feed after another.  

powered by Surfing Waves
powered by Surfing Waves
powered by Surfing Waves
powered by Surfing Waves
powered by Surfing Waves
powered by Surfing Waves


 Finding Sites That OFFER FREE RSS?

You should be able to find sires in your niche that provide an RSS feed.  Type into your search box, your niche follow by free RSS feeds.  

This is an example of the many results that I found.  10407543255?profile=RESIZE_710x

The only NEGATIVE is that about half of these feeds seem to work.  No big deal. Just go on to the next URL and copy and paste the widget code for the URLs that do work.  

I will be publishing a video soon about how to create an RSS feed or widget on your website.  If you want to be notified, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel and join so you will know whenever I upload a new video.

If you have a YouTube channel, I will also be sharing how you can set up a YouTube RSS feed!  



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    Another excellently informative article George. It is rich in original content, contrary to the subject which that content discusses. So it's a case of double value in that it demonstrates both avenues. As regards SE and HTML - any endeavour well pursued almost inevitably produces positive spin-offs. In terri's case there are several such side benefits for members to benefit from. Her overall package, as is the case with your channel and article offerings, is outstanding.

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    Thanks George Pierce for letting people know about the HTML editor on SE. Very unique and eye catching title and subject. 

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