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Syndication Express - Automated Blog Syndication and how it benefits you?

Syndication Express - Automated Blog Syndication and how it benefits you?


Did you see the benefits of syndication automation in the video above?

Let me explain in detail how it can work for Syndication Express members.

First things first, if you're a blogger, article writer or book author. Syndication Automation will help you brand your name and face onine. It will give you exposure for your content, one way backlinks for seo and traffic from the search engines. Additionally you'll get social signals (likes, shares and comments) from social media sites. 

Your content will be syndicated to TOP social media sites (Facebook SE fan page and group, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest). 

I'm available for online meetings about Syndication Automation on Friday at 6 p.m. CT. (SE members only). 

Secondly if you're not a blogger, article writer or book author, I got you covered because

press releases can be published here on Syndication Express.  

Guidelines for publishing press releases:

PRs that have just been copy/pasted does no one any good. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing know it's copied and do not give it any indexing attention. Do your potential friends a favor and post benefical information about you and your business. Be creative, caring, inspirational, and mostly be UNIQUE! Your audience is waiting to see what you write next! Make sure to add value for the SE community. Adding images and videos is allowed. Minimum of 250 words is required! 

Your press releases are syndicated on Facebook (2 groups and the SE fan page and Twitter). 

Finally, SE members can advertise a 250x250 banner; this means your banner advertising will be seen by members and non-members when they click and read the press release(s) from the various social media sites. 

There is a limited amount of space for banner advertising. Only 5 banners for now. The first 5 people to publish a new press release will be able to advertise their banner. You will be contacted via email with further instructions. 

 This is Terri Pattio, owner of Syndication Express, extending an invitation to check out Syndication Express and it's benefits. I'm sure you'll see that it's a unique site which gives members exposure, syndication and traffic. Membership is free, so join Syndication Express today. 



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    Month after month, ning dot com, drives traffic to my YT channel.  Thanks again, Terri.

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    This is well-timed. thanks, Terri, thanks.  As you know I am going to pst another video about SE.

    The script is about done and this helps to confirm what SE offers.  

    FYI:  Use SE, SE has sent my YouTube channel more traffic than Facebook for the last 12 out of 13 months!

    Thanks to everyone on SE. 

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      Thank you George for your comments about Syndication Express. Happy to know of your success for your Youtube channel. 

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