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I started this network because I wanted a place where bloggers and article writers could come and do what they love to do - WRITE.

The idea here is for you to have a primary blog or website that you want to send traffic to. When members read your blog content, share and comment from here, you will get your viral exposure, social signals and SEO blog backlinks for search engine traffic.

You are probably asking how does this happen?

I will explain it to you.

When you write a blog post here on Syndication Express, you should always use anchor text links. You want to focus on building anchor text links.

What is anchor text links? It is the text that is hyperlinked. This text helps Google (and other search engines) know what the site being linked to is about.

There are different types of backlinks and you should favor one way links over two way links. If you aren't sure what this means...

1 - way links is Site A links to Site B

2 - way links is Site A links to Site B; Site B links to Site A

So by adding anchor texts links in all the post you make here on Syndication Express you will be creating one way backlinks to your primary blog or website whenever someone clicks on your link inside your post here. NOTE: Your anchor text must be your keyword or keyword phrase and it must be in the content where you are directing your reader to go to when they click your anchor text link.

A word of advice, if you are sending traffic to a replicated splash page, I see no point in doing this since the company has optimized their splash page or website already. All a company wants you to do is drive traffic to their page. So using anchor texts on a splash page will not benefit you at all. It will not be branding you - ONLY THE COMPANY. This is why you want to have your own personal blog or website (You can start with Wordpress or Blogger). YOU want to brand your name online and drive traffic to your website or blog so people can know more about you and your business.

When you are ready to build your website, then I recommend you contact me at Winning Domain Names for a FREE Consultation to help you with your domain names search and we will build you a website that BRANDS YOU and your business.

To summarize, when you post your blog here on the site, you must use anchor texts in your content so that you will get the one way backlinks to your blog or website, and when the members here on the site read, comment and share your post. It will be going out to the various social sites and anyone that sees your post and clicks on the link inside will create a one way backlink. Additionally since your post is being shared on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter. This will give you viral exposure and lots of social signals (shares, likes, tweets, retweets) as well. Google acknowledged they are using social signals for the purpose of indexing and ranking your website or blog.

My intent when I started this site was for people to do it this way and now I am seeing many people that are not using anchor texts with there post. They are hyperlinking the words 'Click here' and this will not do to create one way backlinks to your website or blog.

I realize that people that are newbies to the internet will not be familiar with blog backlinks, one way backlinks and anchor texts. They will have several questions. I will be available to answer them. Just leave a comment below and I will respond back at my earliest convenience.

Terri Pattio

Owner/Admin of Syndication Express

"Listen, Learn and Live in the now"




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Terri Pattio - Founder/Owner of Syndication Express.

Creator of TP Twitter strategy and Social Media Strategist

Owner of Winning Domains and Small Business Websites

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  • Thank you Terri - this is a briliant tool for brand site owners. I'm going to have a 'go' at creating a blog post here, just a quick question - must the post I create here on SE be different or unique to the post that it links to on my website?

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      It's recommended that your content be relating to where you're wanting the visitor to go. Remember to include keywords/keyword phrases. If it's going to your website you should be using a hyperlink to get the backlink to your site. I look forward to seeing your first post here in the SE community. 

  • Top Video Contributor

    I see some of what you are doing for SE members, as well as experience the benefits.  Thank you, Thank YOU!  Terri.  

    • Top Member

      Thank you for your feedback testimony about the SE community. Happy to help all members to maximize their exposure, social signals, SEO and traffic generation. 

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    Thank you Terri for all you do for us and the SE platform. I love to write, more than making videos or anything alse with reference to marketing. It is good on us to take advantage of all that the site has to offer. 


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      I appreciate your kind words. I know you love writing and so do I. I can see you're passionate about what you write and truly want to  help people. I've worked hard to make this site function as intended and every member to reap the rewards when they follow the information in this post and utilize Syndication Automation.  

  • Terri, I could sure use your advice I just put my first post here am I doing what I should be doing that would be considered anchor text?

  • This is great information, Terri and worth reading a second time.  Thanks for sharing it and I will too.

  • Great teaching here Terri.  Truly appreciate all the wisdom you share with us.  Very interesting, well written and highly enlightening.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

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    Doug I am glad the post has helped you. Glad to have you in the community and looking forward to seeing your blog post here.

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