Ten simple truths that will make your customer's feel valued.

All customers want to be heard and acknowledged.

Always answer your customers or potential customers in a timely manner.

If they have a problem with your product or service
do your best to rectify situation.

If you don;t know the answer right away
tell them that you will investigate and get back
in touch with them as soon as possible.

Set a time frame and tell them that they will
hear from you within this time frame, usually with in 24 hours.

Always be courtious and respectful to your customers.
A heartfelt "Thank You for your business"
goes a long way in getting repeat customers.

Take a look at this great video on my website for more insightful
information about showing your customers that you care.

Video by simple truths:

How To Build A Service Culture - Customer Love

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  • Christine it is so true we must consider our customers.  As Marketers we spend a great deal of time looking to sponsor.  And the customers of the product we promote is overlooked.  We may sponsor someone who becomes a customer for a short time, but when we gain a true customer, often they remain with us for years.  The more time we spend thanking and servicing them the longer we can keep them.  Shared.

  • Impressive Article Christine  on making your customer's feel valued.  Some very good advice delivered.  Treat them as you would like to be treated.  Liked and Shared.

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