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The Secret Power of Words

If the best way of communicating with prospects and existing customers was through sign language, we'd all have to learn to sign. Or if the best method of communication proved to be some kind of mutually understandable code, we'd all have to learn

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Words Of Power

The Daily Meditation 07.27.2013

Words Of Power

Richard Mathiason


Excerpt from the Teachings of Jesus in the “Science Of Mind” by Ernest Holmes Page 475

The Word of Power (John 5:26)

As the Father has life, so the son has life.  Again we have the teaching

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God's Law

The Daily Meditation 07.06.2013

God’s Law

 “Within Thy Law Is Freedom”

“Oh, My Soul within me,
Great is Thy Presence
Within Thy Law is freedom
to all who will believe.
I believe in Thy Law
and I love Thy precepts.
I know that Thy Law is perfect
and It i

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