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Let me begin by saying that I am honored to have been chosen as your featured member of the day.  It was a pleasant surprise--kind of like an unexpected birthday present or getting an unexpected bonus added to your paycheck.  You say to yourself, "Wow, I must have done something right!"

As I have said many times before, we are like a big family with colorful personalities and backgrounds.  That is what I love about the IBOtoolbox family.  We all have opinions about the many topics of discussion here on this platform, but we always respect each others' view points.  I love reading the Press Releases and the comments that others make.  I learn a lot about the members of this family from just observing the writing styles and expressions.  I am always in awe of some of the things that you express. It makes my day.

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  • IBO Toolbox is indeed an excellent Community and it is such an awesome pleasure to be FMOTD!  Congratulations and Blessings to you.  To your continued Success.

  • I couldn't agree more Kathleen, since I joined IBOTOOLBOX back in January it has become my go-to place everyday, spending more time on the community site than on any of my Facebook or Twitter accounts! I find tremendous value in what the IBO community provides and the great PRs that are posted every day. And congrats on being the FMOTD the other day! I'm sure it was a very busy day!! ;-)

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    Hi Kathleen,

    IBO toolbox it really great I've used it for a long time now. I hope many of the people that see your post will go there and check it out.

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    Kathleen I'm happy for you and may God continue to bless you abundantly. Shared via Syndication Automation.

  • Kudos, Kathleen...:)

  • Congratulations Angela and I am also honoured to know you.
  • Congratulation Kathleen. I am very honored to be associated with you.

  • Thank you again, Have a wonder-filled day.

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