But will probably be the most popular- because God made me write it. And a wise woman (T.P.)  told me to post it to my website. =)

Premise: It hit me the other day that I had the responsibility to tell part of my story... the part that no one wants to become "part of their story." It's basically a piece of my writing that hopes to diminish people's fear of rejection. Although my experiences were much out of my control, a lot of people avoid their fears. But sometimes life calls us to stare it straight in the wolf face. =)


Fierce Love - According2Meredith

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  • Thanks for sharing!!

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    This is one of the best post I think I've ever read. Thank you. I have shared it everywhere so others might be blessed like I was when I read the post.

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    I believe your post will do just that Meredith. You definitely have courage and love. This is very obvious to me.

  • Thank you, Terri. I hope my post will help people have the courage to love. I'm glad we've chatted over the months. I'm blessed by our friendship. Until the next time! =)

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    What don't kill you will make you stronger. Have you heard that? This is what comes to my mind after reading your post. You are definitely a strong woman Meredith. I'm thinking; suppose you didn't experience all that you did in your life. Would you be the same person today? I believe you're the best you can be because of those life experiences dear. Shared via Syndication Automation and the SE business page on Google. I enjoyed chatting with you yesterday. It was nice and I look forward to doing it again soon.  

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