The Good in Me Honors the Good in You

The Daily Meditation 2.10.2014

The Good in Me Honors the Good in You

Joy Lynn Hertz, RScP


“Let us choose to be identified with power, with love and beauty, with peace and happiness. Let us identify ourselves with abundance and with success.” – Ernest Holmes

There is One Life.  That Life is God’s Life.  That Life is Perfect.  I accept that Life as My Life Now.

I choose to identify and recognize myself as GOOD, TRUTH, POWER, LOVE, BEAUTY, PEACE and HAPPINESS.  Each realization of my creative potential brings forth a knowing within me of the Infinite Power available to me at all times.  I immerse myself in the good, power, love, beauty, peace and happiness that Spirit so generously bestows upon me, discerning it through all events and people as an expression of Divine Love.  I experience the flow of peace and happiness that results from being present to Spirit, which creates this joyous state of heart and mind.  I identify with, and am receptive to, goodness, abundance and success just because I AM.

And so, in this exact moment in time I remember only Good. I expect only Good. I accept only Good, for Good is flowing in ever-increasing volume in through and around me.  What I know for sure is that there is Good enough to go around. I do not withhold Good from myself or others.  I proclaim free-flowing Good as my birthright.  As I know this for myself I know this for you as well.

I give up control and surrender to the will of Divine Right Action in my life.  In this moment of utter conviction I celebrate the perfect manifestation of Good in my life.  I am reminded that we are all God and therefore we are all Good in action.

My heart is filled to overflowing with love and gratitude in the knowing that I am not alone; that Good is my birthright and I accept it now; that we are connected through Spirit by Oneness of mind and thought; and that you choose to be here with me.

I release my Word into the Law knowing it cannot come back to me void. 


Joy Lynn Hertz is a Practioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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