The Good Stuff!

It seems that all we see in newspapers, in online news reports and on television these days is someone getting murdered, a terrible storm that devastated a town or a mass killing. There are so many wonderful things happening every day, and nearly everyone in the world is good and kind. So today, during this joyous season, I want to share “The Good Stuff!” 

I won’t take credit for this title or the stories I am about to share with you. I watch “New Day” on CNN early each morning, and every day they share a great story that they call “The Good Stuff.” You can see the video stories here: I am happy to pass along these true stories that highlight the good news happening around us every day!

  • A five-year-old kindergartner named Claire Koch was part of her class’s holiday concert. Both of Claire’s parents are deaf. This wonderful little girl decided to surprise her parents by singing along in sign language so her parents could enjoy the songs too! What a fantastic gift she gave to her parents.
  • A young Rabbi and his wife purchased a desk on craiglist. It turned out that the desk wouldn’t fit through the door of their office. So, they had to take the desk apart to get it into the office. When they disassembled it, they found $98,000 inside. They contacted the original owner and learned that she had hidden her entire inheritance in the desk and forgot about it! (I do not understand that either.) After receiving the money back from the buyers, the woman sent them a thank you card along with the money they had paid for the desk.
  • Darnell Barton, a bus driver in Buffalo, was driving along a busy highway when he noticed a woman who had climbed over the railing above a freeway overpass. Many cars were just driving by, but Darnell stopped his bus, walked slowly toward the woman while speaking softly with her. He gently pulled her down, all the while giving her words of comfort. He sat with her on the sidewalk until others stopped to help. He then returned to his bus and continued his shift for the day and did not even report the incident to his employer.
  • A struggling single dad, Anthony Garfallo, found a fake Christmas tree in a box a few years ago. He didn’t open the box until recently. When he did, he discovered $50,000 in bearer bonds inside. He was able to determine the name of the owner of the bonds, but all the contact information that he found was invalid. Mr. Garfallo said, “What’s right is right.” On the “New Day” show they announced the name of the owner and said he could contact them to retrieve his bonds.
  • Upon the passing of Nelson Mandela, the news coverage has reported all his accomplishments and the many years he was imprisoned. They give details of the various memorials and events planned to honor him. “New Day” aired a phenomenal photo of two fathers standing side-by-side at a gathering to honor Mandela. Each man had a child mounted on his shoulders. One man and his child were black while the others were white. That photo alone tells the whole story of Nelson Mandel’s accomplishments and contribution to South Africa.

At this time of year when Good Will is on our minds, I hope that you will visit to see the videos of these stories and more. I am sure they will brighten your day as they have mine. 

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  • Thank you for your comments DeAnn and Angela.

  • Truly awesome and uplifting article Julie.  Motivating and well written.  Thanks for sharing these great stories with us.  Liked and Shared.

  • It's always great to hear wonderful stories, thank you for sharing, have a bless weekend

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