The Infrastructure Of Success

With virtually my entire work career being devoted to sales and marketing, I have studied the ingredients that make up the infrastructure of success.  Early in my insurance sales, I benefited from receiving a copy of a wonderful speech delivered by an executive of Prudential Insurance Company of America, Mr. Albert E.N. Gray,  at a convention in 1940 titled, The Common Denominator Of Success.  From 1977 to the present day I have kept a pamphlet of this message on my desk!  In my mind, it ranks with other classics like Think And Grow Rich, The Richest Man In Babylon, Acres Of Diamonds, and The Slight Edge




Of course, it is best for each person to wade through and absorb the "wisdom of the ages", yet much of it can be outlined in the infrastructure of success:


  • Expert Advice
  • Community Support
  • Inspiring & Motivating Content
  • Personal Accountability


Combining those four components into your framework can allow for building success in your chosen endeavor.


I was also introduced to the power of structuring S.M.A.R.T goals.


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Agreed Upon
  • Realistic
  • Timebound 

When an action-oriented person is empowered with this infrastructure then the results can be impressive!  Although a word of caution, it has often been said that "knowledge is power", and I offer the slight adaptation that "applied knowledge can be powerful!".


I am confident that this infrastructure can allow you to build success in whatever area you apply it.





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  • Top Video Contributor

    I am one of those 'day late and a dollar short' guys.  I cut my teeth on insurance sales and had some of the best sales training on the planet.  None of that training, however, was geared to success or the gray matter between our ears.  10 years later, my business growth stalled and stayed stalled for about 3 years.  Out of necessity, I discovered that applied knowledge with the right mindset and attitude and giving and gratitude is truly powerful.  I got to success's door and it was not going to open.  It took me three years to find the key that you have presented in this post.  Thanks, Lonnie, for such empowering content. 

  • Top Member

    Hello Lonnie it's great to see you here and your blog post. I enjoyed reading it today and believe what you're sharing is valuable and priceless. 

    I recognize three of the books you mentioned and reading and reviewing what you shared as well. I look forward to seeing you in the SE community again.

  • Top Commentor

    Hi Lonnie, it's a wee while since we 'spoke'. This article is a fine one - simple yet powerful - and a highly appropriate one for me to return to as I know that aspects of your background referred to apply also to me. Hope you are well and thriving. Give me a 'buzz'.

  • Top Commentor
    Being well read and open to learning is always a good foundation for success Lonnie. So too is consistantly applying what you you have learned as you clearly have done. The foundations, and the infrastructure, of success never change.
  • Top Member
    Sounds advice in this post Lonnie. Thank you for sharing this today.
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