The Mirror

The Daily Meditation 08.12.2013 

The Mirror

Joy Lynn Hertz, RScP


The One You Are Looking For Is the One Who Is Looking….St. Francis of Assisi

I focus on embracing all aspects of my life, allowing the healing that comes from self-acceptance, to work miracles in my life.  I look into my own eyes and see timelessness.  I witness mySELF today.

The Divine is Love, Compassion, Joy, Creativity, Intuition, Bliss, Source, Abundance, Prosperity and Sustenance.  Source is Pure Potentiality, Pure Awareness, Authenticity, Genuineness, Observer.

I Am eternal and unbounded.  I Am a radiant spiritual being.  I Am God made manifest.  I Am Grace, Peace, Infinite, Unbounded Goodness.  I Am the breath of The Divine.  I am Pure Potentiality, Pure Awareness, Authenticity, Genuineness.  I Am the known and the unknown.  I Am shining with the brilliance of a thousand suns.  The Glory of Spirit permeates throughout my very being.  I am Love, Compassion, Joy, Creativity, Intuition, Bliss, Source, Abundance, Prosperity and Sustenance.  As I know these things for myself I know without doubt they are true for you no less than one million fold.

I claim as our birthright every one of these qualities of God for we are each created equally in the image and likeness of The Divine.  The Divine created each of us from the Highest Goodness possible.  I claim for each of us an open heart so that we might see clearly INWARD to the core of who we are.  I know for each of us freedom to be authentic, genuine, loving spiritual beings having a human experience, always keeping in mind we are mirrors of and for each other.  Everything we experience, we call to us for the purpose of expansion; for the opportunity to look more closely at ourselves.  I accept our miraculousness with love and deep appreciation.  I claim wholeness and truth as our essential nature, letting go of self-judgment; looking into my own beautiful heart so I can recognize yours.

And so my heart is filled to overflowing with gratitude for the many Acts of Grace that surround me daily, for the privilege of being made in the image and likeness of The Divine, for the gift of the freedom to be the best ME I can possibly be and the knowing that if we think we can it is already done.

In this sacred moment, with love and deep appreciation,  I release my Word into the Law, knowing it cannot come back to me void.  IT IS DONE!  IT IS COMPLETE! 



Joy Lynn Hertz is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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  • Excellent inspiration as always Richard.   Liked and Shared.

  • Great as always Richard!

  • Terri,

    I am glad that the posts are helpful and I so appreciate the sharing of them that you do. May you have a fabulous week!

  • Top Member

    I'm always glad to read your daily meditation Richard. I have shared for more to read your inspiration for the day.

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