The One Power of Universal Love

The Daily Meditation 10.29.2013

The One Power of Universal Love

 Lynn Taylor, Practitioner I Student

LynnTaylor3-150x150.jpg?width=150A day ends with a magnificent orange, magenta sunset as a factory smoke stack belches black smoke into the darkening sky. Another day begins with a mother walking through a park pushing her new born in a stroller as she passes a man sleeping on the grass under a majestic oak tree, a plastic bag holding everything he owns lying next to him. While a forest stream burbles and flows along moss covered banks, through a stand of majestic redwood trees as it starts is journey to the sea, a group of children play soccer in a dusty, vacant, inner city lot. Each of these scenes appear to describe something different and the elements within each may seem to be conflicting and separate but this is only an appearance. The Truth is that each person, place and thing is created in, through and by the one power of universal Love. This one Love while creating each person, place, and thing as a distinct and individual, flows in and surrounds each to weave one beautiful whole, indivisible and complete. Nothing exists outside of this wholeness and regardless of appearances, the beauty and peace of this one Love is always present. 

 I exist in the same way as the sunset; the smoke; the creek; and every man, woman and child; as a creation and the result of the one Love. I can never be separate from this Love and therefore I can never be separate from any person place or thing created by it. I am an individualized but integral part of the universe, and as such, I am the sunset and every particle of smoke. I am in the forest stream and in every man, woman and child. I am the Love that created all things. For this to be true about me, and I know it is, this must be true for anyone who reads this and all the who never see it.    

 Yet, as I move through my live and become enveloped in my humanness, there are times I witness the sunset, smell the smoke, experience a cool forest stream and walk through an inner city neighborhood as a separate entity observing but unconnected. It is at these times that unworthiness, judgment and fear can creep into my thoughts. These thoughts are a result of an apparent separation from my source, the one Love, nothing more and nothing less. At any time, of my choosing, I can remember who I am and reunite with this world and everything beyond, with Love.    

 In this knowledge, my heart swells with gratitude for all the beauty and peace, the Love, that surrounds me every moment. I am grateful for this life and every experience it provides. I give thanks for each spiritual growth spurt, whether gained through pain or passing unnoticed. And so, with childlike joy and graceful anticipation, I let my word drift into the universal unconsciousness, the fertile soil creation. And even as it flows from me, I know it is already flowing back to me complete and whole.   

And So It Is. 

Lynn Taylor is a Practitioner I Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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