The Ripple Effect Get Them To Pay Attention

Getting our audience to pay attention to us is what every entrepreneur wants. But how do we go about doing it?

You have no doubt heard of the "ripple effect."  And no I'm not talking about the new company that's really hot right now. If you've been in the marketing game for any length of time, you have seen the 5 get 5 get 5 get 5 model. The model that many network marketing companies promote that rarely seems to work out.  Each person going out and getting 5 who duplicate the efforts of their sponsor sounds great but ask yourself how many people do you personally know who have done this?
I want to share with you a model called EACH ONE REACH ONE.  This model is one that can be emulated by anybody who is serious.  The reason it works is because each sponsor is committed to helping those they sponsor find their first person. This can be making a sell of a product or service or sponsoring a person on any team.  It boils down to sponsoring deep then wide.  The deeper a person sponsors the more people understand the process and can teach it. Consequently the team grows indefinitely.
Here's an example of the EACH ONE REACH ONE model:
I help you sponsor one person
You and I help the person you sponsored sponsor one person
Now the team helps to sponsor the next person to the team under the last person sponsored.
In essence we have created a line of sponsorship that effectively has more and more people looking for one person to sponsor.
What you've probably noticed is each person is not really just reaching one person.  It becomes a team working together to reach one person.  The reason the model works is because of the first person's commitment to follow through until they help the first person they sponsor find their first person.
Now imagine after you built your team below you 5 or more levels deep.  What can you imagine when you start the same process over as you build wider using the EACH ONE REACH ONE MODEL? The ripple effect can happen with any person who sincerely works this model. The reason it works is because of the sincere relationships that are developed as people help each other.
Give it a try.  Go out and find one person start the EACH ONE REACH ONE model and see the ripple effect in your business.
Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor
p.s. If you want to see this in action contact me and I'll show you how it works
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  • Great post Ced and sounds good.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Sounds like a really good idea Ced.  Liked and Shared.

  • The ripple effect get them to pay attention. Great post Ced!

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    The concept sounds great Ced. All systems must duplicate for success to happen and be win win for everyone.

  • Very informative post, Ced!

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