The Search For Perpetual Traffic is over!

Isn’t that what we are all looking for as marketers? Think about it. I know that I have a website that I need more traffic and sales. Do you have a network marketing website that could use more traffic? How about your offline business? Do you need more traffic to it’s website? This is about my search for something that could provide me with constant traffic, leads and sales.

I have been creating websites for clients for quite a while and although they are optimized to get traffic they still need a lot care and time. My clients are working their business and most do not have that time, nor do they have the budget to have someone do that for them. Deep down I knew that there was a program or an application that could solve this issue.

My search took me over a year and that was just weeding out the programs that really did not do what they said. I still kept searching and I found what I was looking for. The next problem was that the application had a fairly steep learning curve at the time. It has since been upgraded, but I am glad that I was able to preserver and learn the application because I know it so much better than if I were to start now. If you feel up to the task of purchasing it and learning, you can contact me for more information.

So, I have spent the last year or so, very part-time, learning to use the application. I have to say that it comes very close to being a Perpetual Traffic Machine. 

The application creates what is called Universal Recommendation Pages that are:

  1. Totally whitehat pages. This just means that we do not try to fool Google but instead we follow their guidelines to the letter.
  2. Because they are whitehat pages they get indexed by Google and other search engines. We have no control as to how quickly they get indexed but they do.
  3. After they get indexed, they will then start to move up in the rankings for their particular keywords on each page.

The program allows us to create massive websites of these Universal Recommendation Pages.

  1. We ask the client if they have certain keywords that they want to rank for and we do our own research and attempt to come up with 50-100 keywords/phrases to create the pages.
  2. Each one of the pages that we create will have between 2-9 keywords/phrases that we found doing the research as part of a page.
  3. I was starting to see the power of this as I did some runs for an affiliate program that I was promoting.  I was able to get 1500 pages indexed within a 2 week period and within a month they were showing up in searches for keywords that I used.
  4. The bigger the website that one creates just means that you have more pages that are working for us.
The client is asked what URL they want to promote.
  1. The URL can be for any website you want to promote. If you have a mlm team then we can add the URL’s for each team member and the page will rotate those URL’s.
  2. The URL that you use will be prominently  placed in a header image and a bolded link below the header image.  An example is below.


Another powerful application of the software is to geo-target certain city, state pairs.

  1. If you are an offline business that has a specific operating area, the cities within that geographic area can be be added to the keywords/phrases that we talked about earlier. This makes it possible to dominate for local search. Another positive about this approach is that the Universal Recommendation Pages can get listed for a city that your own business website cannot because they don’t have a physical presence there. An example is, you have a business in a smaller city away from a bigger city, but you want to attract people from the bigger city. The pages can target both your city and the bigger city and the pages are all pointing to your businesses website.
A benefit that I had not thought of when I was learning the application was reputation control.
  1. An added bonus to having massive website of these pages is the pages will over time take up positions on the first page of Google and therefore push down other pages to the second or third page of Google.

The more Universal Recommendation Pages that are added to the website makes the website stronger and stronger.

  1. Google keeps indexing your pages and they never go away unless you ask us to delete them! So, I think that you see now, that the pages can serve as your Perpetual Traffic Machine for a long time.
Finally, I will do the hosting of the web pages and purchase the domain names and take care of the maintenance of the sites, so you do not have to do that.
  1. But we are flexible, if you want to purchase your own domains and hosting,  we do ask that you use a specific hosting service unless you have your own servers. We can then create the pages on the websites that you own.
To summarize, my search has definitely paid off for my own websites and my clients websites as the traffic continues to rise over time. I ask that you try our service and you, too, can experience your own Perpetual Traffic Machine.

 The Search For Perpetual Traffic is Now Over!

Richard Mathiason

P.S. If you would like to be an affiliate for this program goto Affiliate Program 

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    Great post Richard, it sounds like you have Traffic covered very well :)


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    Good information Richard and I shared it on the Syndication Express blog and several groups on Facebook for people to see your review on the Traffic software.

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