The Time to Turn Within

The Daily Meditation 1.13.2014

The Time to Turn Within

Alicia Hanlen, RScP

AliciaHanlen300-150x150.jpg?width=150“To everything, turn, turn, turn  . . There is a season . . .and a time for every purpose under heaven.” 

This day I turn to that Infinite Presence and Divine Intelligence, that Power that I know resides within, truly knowing and accepting that the spark of Life I carry within me is permeated with light, love, peace and joy.  I turn to the Presence knowing it manifests as mother, father, lover and friend, and seeing its face looking back at me everywhere I look.  I acknowledge that each and every person on this precious planet is infused with Infinite Energy, and each person has the inherent capacity to be a veritable vessel of Light.

As I learn to trust more fully in that omniscient, omnipotent Presence, I truly know that God perfects all that concerns me.  I breathe in the Peace, and let go of the stress.  I breathe in the Harmony, and let go of the discord.  I breathe in the Abundance, and let go of any concept of lack.   I breathe in Wholeness and Perfection, and let go of dis-ease or malcontent.

This day I place my trust in Life, and Life supports me.  This day I start anew on my path to a greater and greater unfoldment of my absolute good, and truly know and believe that in God all things are possible – all things.  And I know that this good is unlimited, and there is enough for all people everywhere to participate in its blessings – I see this good spreading and multiplying with every breath I take, with every thought I think, with every action I initiate.  This is the season for my unlimited good and well being, and I see it set in motion for all of humankind.  This is the day that I fully trust in the process and learn to live in the flow of my never-ending good.

This truly is the season to turn within.  This is the day to live up to my greater purpose under heaven.  And for this day, I am eternally grateful. 

And so it is!

Alicia Hanlen is a Practitioner in Taos, NM and is affiliated with the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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    Thank you Richard for sharing your daily meditation in the community. Have a blessed day.

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