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There Are Times When Money is "More" Than Just Money


There are times when money is so much more than just money. This statement might sound a bit strange right now but read on...

There is a business in Pa. that understands this concept more so than most. The owner Joan Ressel and her husband own a breakfast and brunch restaurant called Coppertown in Pa. This couple had faced several set backs and not small ones.

Their business over the past winder had declined. Not really hard to understand considering the winter we have had and the fact that the business is a drive and walk thru business.

Joan and her husband were at a point of almost having to close the doors due to the personal set backs they had faced as well as the uncooperative weather slowing down business until one day...

A customer came through the drive threw...(Read what happened here)!


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  • Hi Susan, when I got to the bottom there was no comment box.
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    Hi Merle,

    Yes it was a great story wasn't it! What do you mean my site wouldn't let you or the one with the actual story?

  • What a lovely story. It wouldn't let me leave a comment on the website but what a lesson to learn. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi Sandy,

    I know isn't that just the greatest! I loved reading that and sure does give hope to those that have no hope. It's so great to be reminded once in a while there is still good people out there. Thanks to you and Terri for sharing it. :)

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    Hi Terri,

    That is so true isn't it? I just teared up when I read this. I know the person that gave has a special place in Heaven :) as well as has touched several lives here on Earth. I know it did mine.

  • What an incredible story ... I got chills reading it.  Thanks so much for sharing it.  I liked and shared, Susan. 

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    Susan I am reminded of this saying "We're blessed to bless others, pay it forward and keep it going." I love it and shared it via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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