Things God Can Not Do!

Have you ever sat down and wondered if there is anything, at all, that God can not do?

Well, we know that He has given to each of the us the gift of "Choice."  So He will not make us do anything that we don't want to do.  But just the same, What can't He do?

Well, here's 30 things God Can Not Do....3818708956?profile=original

1.  Lie

2.  Change

3.  Recall our sins after we've asked for forgiveness

4.  Be the Author of Confusion

5.  Leave us nor Forsake us

6.  Go back on His Promises

7.  Revoke His Gift's

8.  Be Pleased Without Faith

9.  Be Defeated

10.Be Too Big for Our Problems

11.Be Too Little for Our Problems

12.Prefer one over the other

13.Break His Covenant

14.Revoke His Calling

15.Be Unjust

16.Do Anything Contrary to Scripture

17.Bless A Lie

18.Love Sin

19.Give Anything to a Double-Minded person

20.Be forced into an Impossible Situation

21.Ignore the Praises of His People

22.Be our Problem

23.Be overcome by the World

24.Be Late

25.Be Neutral

26.Be Weak

27.Bless Doubt

28.Withhold Wisdom

29.Be Against Us

30.Be Limited or Confused

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  • Thank you for such a beautiful comment Tish.  Although, we, have to practice love daily.  Sometimes it's not so easy!

  • This article is so powerful and enlightening. you are such a lightness of being, thank you for spreading this positive article to us all. I think whatever you believe in it only sees love so I know sometimes we have to look at things in God's eyes are your believers eyes and see only the love because it is the only thing that is real.

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