Things That Get Passed Down To Next Generations

Things That Get Passed Down To Next Generations

I'm a hard worker and I like to do more then I should. And now i'm having to pay for it.

 I have two bad discs so now I have to have surg on my back. I'm going in thurs for

 my surg. I have nerve damage so they are going to either cut the bone in my chest to give more room for my nerves or stretch them to get rid of the pinch nerve. 

Even when I was a kid I would always do more then I should. My mother always moved

 the furniture every week to do a deep cleaning and I got in  the same habbit of doing that  even in my room. 

With my first job which was churchs chicken I treated it like it was mine so I scrubbed and did deep cleaning there as well.

I never was the type to take it easy when doing things. 

Even working in the yard when I was a kid I loved to mow and pick up the leaves off the ground. My brother would laugh at me and ask why am I doing this.

I heard the saying what would Jesus say if he came to your house one day? I would want him pleased with how I live rather get on to me for a messy house or my yard. 

I'm so bad when I go to a friends house for an example a friend of mine her grand parents can't clean their house so when I go to their house I always clean. 

Yrs ago I had friends that were young and they don't clean so I got sick of seeing the mess so I started cleaning their apt.

I'm just wierd like that. My worse thing is I have junk drawers that are a mess.

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Molly's 2nd testimony-My 12 year old uses the cream for acne and it clears her breakouts overnight.

Thank you for reading and God Bless

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