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Think Losing is Punishment? Think Again!

Think Losing is Punishment? Think Again!


Losing, is it a punishment or a lesson? Take it from Bill Gates (who knows) it's a lesson! I'm sure you've heard people say, "I'm such a loser." and what did you say...

"Don't say that about yourself!" Right?

Maybe you should have said, "You are NOT a loser you are just well educated." What comes easy goes easy. If you have a stroke of luck and win millions what normally happens?

Don't know Click Here to see what has happened to many lottery winners! (Beware very sad stuff)

Why do you suppose things like that happen? It is not because they were losers. It wasn't because they were stupid. It was because they were not well educated.

The only education they received was one of instant success. There was no education on how to grow the money rather than spend it.

Oddly enough, this doesn't only happen to lottery winners. There are many successful people out there that feel there is no way they can lose. When one thinks this way they have already lost.

Every loss is a class on life and living. It's not the losing, it's what you do with that losing that counts. You can lay down and die or you can learn from it and grow. Which will you do?

The main lesson in life is to never feel that you cannot lose and always learn from it when you do.


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    Hi Sandy,

    It really is isn't it? I'm glad you read it thank you so much.

  • I have heard these stories before about the Lottery Winners and it is so sad.  Thanks for sharing ths great post.

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    Hi Merle.

    Glad you learned :) and yes sometimes those lessons can be the hard way but those hard learned lessons are the best ones :)

  • Great post that I can relate to.  When I worked in bars I was addicted to fruit machines but soon learnt the hard way.  So glad I saw the errors of my ways before I needed help.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    We learn from our experiences, yes this is a true statement Susan.

  • Top Blogger

    HI Meredith,

    That's really sad but I do know that those things do happen to good people. There are also those that using shopping in the same way for a chemical fix. I am so glad your friend got help. :)

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    Yes, gambling is always a risk for those predisposed to addiction. People in general though tend to get bogged down in losing they can't see that only by losing can we learn. Those that tend to not learn are about as addicted as those that gamble, drink or any other addict-able substance or action.

  • I had a friend who had a big gambling problem. She was suffering inside and gambling was her way of getting some sort of chemical reward in life. She is a story of victory though because she's been going to AA for almost 10 years now!

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    Susan this is an outstanding post and it's very clear to me that gambling is a risk because the winners become their own enemies. I call it being uneducated and poor management of the money. Money can't buy happiness. I'm guessing those people in the article you shared wished they had never won the lottery. They sure don't look happy. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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