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This is Going to Save Your Marriage

This is Going to Save Your Marriage

save your marriage

Saving your marriage requires you to keep this life-saver on hand at all times.

Your sense of humor will save your sanity, your spouses life and the government money on housing you after you kill him/her. LOL

You might never have thought about this but that one life-saver has most likely saved you more times than you realize. Not just in marriage.

Think back to things that were horrible at the time, then years down the road you laugh your butt off at them. Do you have any of those?

If you don't you need a sense of humor transplant.

The next time you are exasperated by your spouse rather than head to the divorce lawyer just laugh it off.

Once you have fought the good fight and are about to celebrate your marriage of 33 years; you are both going to look back and laugh at it.

Face it you can not change your spouse or partner. All you can do is love them unconditionally, forgive them and move onward.

This is why you only marry the one you can't live without because if you ended up marring the one you could live with you will eventually arrive at your breaking point.


We all know where that leads!

You want a good marriage and long term relationship? Then this is what you have to do...

save your marriage

Next post I am going to revel to you something that you may believe with all your heart.

You may or may not have told to your spouse this belief. However, it will with 100% certainty determine if you will go the distance in your relationship or not.

Love your mate unconditionally,



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