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Three Important Points To Keep Your Internet

Business Growing

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Running an Internet business is not just about maintaining your website,

It's also about growing your business so that you can profit in the long run.

Here are three essential points to making sure your business stays strong.


  • 1. Attract More Traffic. No, this doesn't involve driving around town avoiding city traffic. The term means increasing the number of times people come to your website through searches and links on other sites because they're looking for the goods and/or services you have to offer. This requires you to find as many ways of attracting traffic as you can because there are never any guarantees that one method for getting more traffic will even work, let alone work well enough to bring in plenty of extra business. You can use article marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing, solo ads and other methods to help get more people to check out your website and hopefully spend some money while there.


  • 2. Make sales . Once you have people visiting your site, you should start seeing sales happening because it means people are finding you through your advertising methods. The amount of money you earn will depend on how many people visit your site and how much they're prepared to spend each time they visit. Repeat customers are the best so always look after every client you attract. Eventually you should start to make regular sales and, if you're lucky, you can earn a decent income but it won't happen overnight.


  • 3. Keep your clients coming back for more Making the right first impression on your clients will get you that first sale. But you always need to be thinking about how to get more business from every customer that you have as well as attracting more customers. It's critical to care for customers you have because it's far easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. Do everything you can to outdo your competitors in every possible way so that your customers have no reason to go elsewhere.

Tomorrow we will look at Internet Business Models

In marketing it's never about you and ALWAYS about the other person. Believe it, Remember it,  Practice it and success will be yours.


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