Today I Choose To!

Today I Choose To make a “decision” which will bring either life or death into my situation.

It is my choice!

Today I Choose To!



Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.” —  Kevyn Aucoin

Everyday we have the opportunity to say “words” or “make decisions” which will affect what we will receive from others, as well as, what other’s will receive from us.  When we speak negatively it lessens our ability to see and hear the Will of God for our lives, let alone, think that we will receive our God given dreams and desires for our lives.

Negativity draws more negativity, just as Positively draws more positively.

“Out of the Abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” —  Matthew 12:34

Be a Person of Positive Speach:  ”Stop complaining to each other.” —  John 6:43

Here are some daily options for you to choose from:  Choose One.  It is impossible to Choose Both!

1.   Being bitter   vs   being Better

2.   Indifference   vs   Decisiveness

3.   Luke warmness   vs   Enthusiasm

4.   “If we can”  vs    ”How can we”

5.   “Give Up”   vs   “Get Up”

6.   Security   vs   Risk

7.   Coping with evil   vs    Overcoming Evil

8.   Blending in    vs    Standing Out

9.   How much we do    vs    How much we get done

10.  Coexisting with darkness    vs    Opposing Darkness

11.  Destruction    vs    Development

12.  Resisting    vs    Receiving

13.  Complaining   vs    Obtaining

14.   Trying    vs    Committing

15.   Peace    vs   Strife

16.   Choice   vs    Chance

17.   Determination    vs    Discouragement

18.   Growing    vs    Dying

19.   Demanding more of ourselves    vs    Excusing ourselves

20.   Doing for “others”    vs    Doing for “self”

21.   Progress    vs   Regression

22.   Steering    vs    Drifting

23.   Priorities    vs   Aimlessness

24.   Accountability    vs   Irresponsibility

25.   Action    vs    Activity

26.   Solutions    vs   Problems

27.   More of God    vs    More of Everything Else

28.   Being in “Who’s Who”   vs     “Why Me”

29.   Being concerned for the future of others    vs    Only being concerned for your own future

30.   Building up Teams for Success    vs    Only Building Success for yourself


Today I Choose To!


“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”–Viktor E Frankl


Speaking of building up teams for Success there is a program built expressly for this.  It’s called “Wake Up Now.”  Wake Up Now helps you become Financially Free in 3 ways:




This is a Now money Opportunity.  Be assertive regarding your future and take a look for yourself.  


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  • Great post, Angela and it sure was inspiring.  Thanks for sharing!

  • A great article Angela as always. Choices are so important!
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  • Excellent post Angela and thanks for sharing.  Great read.

  • So true Susan.  I agree with you as well.  Thanks for commenting.

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    Great post we do decide and many times I think some if not a lot of us forget that and let circumstance determine what and how we feel. I truely enjoyed your post.

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  • Thanks Terri.  Appreciate you.

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    Excellent as always Angela. I enjoyed reading your blog post today. I'm happy share it for more to see.

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