Traffic Exchange Importance

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I am sure many of you have saw traffic exchanges online before.

However you may not have understood the fundamentals of how they work. Traffic exchanges -Are a transfer in website traffic between multiple parties .

Example : If & http://Syndicationexpress.ning placed ads on one another's site to gain more exposure.

Why is traffic exchanging important?

Your site may not receive as much traffic as the person you exchange traffic with , therefore giving you backlinks to your site .

What traffic exchanges are good ?





In my next couple of post i will explain more about traffic.

Devin Liely

"Esoteric Marketing"

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  • Great information Devin and I also use these sites. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for this post! A lot of people tend to forget about how important this kind of system actually is, many simply think is too hard pain no gain :)

  • Terri i agree, you have to examine the TE's before joining. Trafficadbar is one that i belong to that gets ranked high. I know that Easyhits4 u is in the top 5 . Thank you for your support.

  • I agree Susan many think they are worthless and in fact they can give you allot of exposure.Thank you for your support.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Devin,

    Good info on the traffic exchanges, I know there are some that think they are worthless but in fact they are not.

  • Top Member

    I do use TE's Devin. My favorites are Sweeva, Listsurfing and Trafficadbar. They generate a lot of traffic and increase your Alexa ranking as well. Some TE's you have to check out thoroughly before signing up so you will know if they will be useful for you. I have shared your post and look forward to the upcoming series.

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