Trillion Dollar FOOD Industry goes MLM!

Hello Fellow Entrepreneur!

Once or twice in your lifetime you will fortuitously stumble upon an opportunity where you have the potential to earn millions. Many live to regret what they did “not” do, when just such an opportunity for greatness presented itself to them.


Peter Castleman's new food mlm, YEVO will break ALL RECORDS! Why? Because everyone EATS, and everyone can always stand to earn some extra money! Our Founder, Peter Castleman, is a former Harvard Professor in Economics and industry giant who turned more than 12 companies like North Face, Igloo and Herbalife into Billion Dollar Status. Peter believes YEVO is destined to be a 20+ billion dollar mega giant in just 3-short years. Now in prelaunch, Yevo will launch in the US on February 1, 2015.


As a proven leader and builder, I’m very excited about building a long term legacy with this cutting edge company! Our team leader just returned from Yevo Headquarters in Utah, where she got to spend the day with the CEO and other corporate members. Armed with a member of our team who is a celebrity icon in the MLM industry--they asked all the right questions. They both walked away beyond impressed with this groundbreaking opportunity with Yevo! Peter Castleman has assembled the top leaders, scientists and chefs in the world to create the healthiest and tastiest foods in the world!

There is no doubt in my mind that YEVO is the most significant business to ever cross my desk in all my years of being a professional networker. There have been a few companies in years past that have tried to penetrate this market, but no one has EVER done it RIGHT…until NOW!


As an entrepreneur, I always keep my eyes open for something extraordinary. When opportunity knocks it does not ask if you are ready! YEVO is a company with a revolutionary new unique patented dehydration process. Throughout the year in 2015, YEVO is going to be launching a total of more than 100+ prepackaged healthy, tasty meals, each containing all 43 Essential Nutrients, 20+ grams of protein, fiber and omega 3's.

The World Health Organization says what our bodies need from the foods that we eat everyday are 43 Essential Nutrients. These essential nutrients are nutrients that your body can not make…you must consume them every day in your diet to properly nourish your body. Many are overeating unhealthy foods and starving inside because they are not getting these 43 Essential Nutrients, and they are the nutrients that when absorbed cause your body to signal your brain that you are full. These 43 Nutrients ensure that your cells are nourished and they sustain health and promote growth. The mass population is probably not even getting half of their daily nutritional requirements and this foundational weakness is at the root of many of the diseases so common today.

Our Nutrient Dense Food has water soluble nutrients, fat soluble nutrients, full chain amino acids, essential fatty acids, full mineral complex, macro and micro nutrients. It is very important that you understand there is nothing typical about this business venture. Most companies have to try to get investors to put up start-up capital if they expect to have a fighting chance of launching their business to its fullest potential. However, very few investors are interested in investing in any start-up company! But with a $790 million dollar budget, the good news is that YEVO has hundreds of millions at their fingertips without having to seek any outside funding!

By reaching out to a few folks now, we have the potential to create a long term walk away residual income for the rest of our lives!  I am already well on my way as one of the TOP leaders in Yevo. I am reaching out to you because I know YOU also have what it takes to succeed in this industry.

ARE YOU INTERESTED in Joining a TOP leader and team in Yevo that will provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed in this unprecedented opportunity?


Then check out my website: You can also get signed up NOW by clicking on my join link:    Every minute you waste means you are missing key contacts. NO OUT of POCKET cost until FEBRUARY 1st!!

That’s right, NO Charges will hit anyone’s CC for ALL of the purchases made between NOW and our FEBRUARY 1st Launch!! Just sign-up now, fill out the on-line application, select your Username, select your Product Package choice, set up your Auto-Ship, and process your sign-up application and order!! Note: Remember your CC will NOT be CHARGED till FEBRUARY 1st!! 


I look forward to the opportunity of working with YOU! Lets lock and arms and take this extraordinary opportunity to the top. 

Your Partner in Success,


Judy Garcia

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