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Want To Know the Best Present EVER?

This is originally posted by my friend Todd Treharne. I am driven to share it because of the inspiring message. 

Want To Know the Best Present EVER?

Hey my friend,

After a BIG year,

I’m grateful to be cooking and unwinding here in Colorado.
No matter what you celebrate, this time of year often evokes thoughts of gifts and giving. That’s why I couldn’t let today go by without letting you know...

YOU are a gift to this world, my friend. ??

Your presence. Your soul. Your laughter. Your heart.

Your mere existence is more valuable than anything you could ever hope to buy and wrap.

The gift of your love. The treasure of your attention, compassion, and forgiveness — these are some of the most precious presents you could EVER offer. They cost nothing and mean everything.


You may not open every email, see every FB post, watch every video or listen to every podcast, though the fact that you’re reading this now means that you’ve allowed me to connect with you.

Grant me the Strength to Focus
To Be Mindful and Present
To Serve with Excellence
To Be a Force of Love

I am reminded of the classic line from Dr. Seuss:
Maybe Christmas doesn't Come from a store.
MAYBE Christmas perhaps...
Means just a little bit MORE! ??

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Want to know the best present EVER?

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