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Hi All,

Nice way to start a post!?? With a boring graph. 

You are about to discover why this graph is not so boring after all.  




I am George Pierce.  I began Internet Marketing about 20 years ago

as a way to share my weight loss story. 

Turns out that I love it, but when I began training, instruction, tutoring,

mentoring, and so on were almost non-existent. Early on, in my quest to learn 

Internet Marketing, I decided that if I could ever figure it out, I would share 

what I had learned, hopefully making it easier for others. 

I do not consider myself an expert, in fact, I think that is almost a plus, the idea being

"If I can do this, anyone can."

PoAwwcE.png?profile=RESIZE_584x Your Own Online Store At Zero Cost 

One of my many online endeavors has been online stores.  It seems

as if most people would love to have an online store...BUT...there are 

a few hurdles that seem to stop most people before they begin. 


#1 Cost

I agree that cost can be a factor, but I believe RISK and stepping out

of our COMFORT ZONE are the real underlying 

reasons why most people might balk at starting their own store.  

The good news is that all those reasons and excuses are no longer valid.


If you take another look at the boring graph above, what you are seeing is

the worldwide search for T-shirts.  According to Google Trends, the search 

has been excellent for years and now the search has reached 100%.  In other 

words, search is presently the highest that it has ever been!



Above is a TOP SELLING T-Shirt Design that you can get for free from Canva. 


A real hurdle for any business is timing.  This is not a good time to sell beepers.

This is the best time ever to sell T-Shirts!


What this also means is that T-Shirt suppliers, actually POD (Print On Demand)

suppliers are doing everything they can to make it as easy as possible for you and me

to sell their products.  



Another popular T-Shirt design made with Canva. 


Many of these suppliers are can sell

worldwide.  They fulfill your order!  They handle everything!

There is no risk.  

Woo Commerce is a totally free store option and most POD

suppliers will integrate with Woo Commerce.  This means that

after you set up your free store, it runs almost on autopilot.


There are a few suppliers that set up your store for you and

fill it with products, it does not get much easier than this.  

SpreadShop is an example.  In fact, this morning, I was 

uploading some free designs to my free SpreadShop. 



Simple T-Shirt Designs are easy to create and free.  


Another benefit is that most T-Shirt suppliers have 

several hundreds of products.  This means that you 

can sell T-Shirts and a whole lot more.  

This industry is cranking out millionaires, yet we can

start for free.



This design as you saw above is hot and is straight from Camva which is free with no copyright issues.


Uh Oh!  One more obstacle!

There is one more obstacle, this is NOT an obstacle, but, like fear, it appears to be real.

The obstacle is that we need to come up with designs...OH NO!  

For me, when I discovered that designs were involved, that was a deal breaker.  

Fortunately, I do my research before I come to my final conclusion. 

I discovered that I could overcome this obstacle with free tools.

I use sites such as SnapTouch, RemoveBG, and Canva to turn a very non-artsy person (ME) 

into a designer!  


Guess what!  With these free tools, design becomes the best part, the fun part. 


I have put together a video with more details about how to get your own free 

online T-Shirt store and I have included the design process step by step as

well as 16 tricks and secrets to turn any beginner into a pro.  


Legally, I cannot make any promises, but if you give this a try, 

you will enjoy it.

Thank you for reading, my friends, much success.

George Pierce

PS. I will be sharing my video on SE soon.

PPS.  One of the secrets is to be unique and you will see exactly how free tools 

do all the work and make our designs stand out. 


SnapTouch is free and can make designs special.


 The video is published and ready for viewing:

 For access to the links and resources mentioned in the video, please visit:


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  • Top Commentor

    Yes George, 'You can do anything' ... and so too can your readers thanks to your instructive articles. This one highlights the 'ease' of setting up an online store, the more so when guidance from yourself as 'having been through the hoop' is at hand to help those seeking similar outcomes. The entertaining aspect of your teaching makes it a fun way to learn too - I certainly have!

    • Top Video Contributor

      Thank you so much, Tom.  I started out with the idea of sharing how to get a free store, the video ended up being a full-blown tutorial on how to get started with a lot of focus on a non-artist can use free tools to come up with creative designs.  The tools do all the work.  I am hoping that all my mistakes and discoveries can make it easier and that others will find that it is fun. 

    • Top Member

      That's what I love about you. You're committed to helping people and going that extra mile to do so. Keep it up my friend.

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