🙏We need your HELP helping YOU...

👍YES I know you didn't ask...
But we're on a MISSION to HELP YOU and millions of others throughout the US 🇺🇸
It's no secret a record number of people are struggling to pay their bills during these trying times.
Even those not struggling with bills, could surely use extra cash in their pockets right now 💰
Lonnie, so here's what we would like to do for YOU, and anyone you know in the US who could use some extra money.
This goes for individuals and businesses 👊🏼
The service we offer is professional bill negotiation and our service is 💯% RISK FREE.
Click the link above and enter your email.
Here's how it works. You put your bills into our system, and we go to work putting GUARANTEED MONEY in your pockets...
We call it "GUARANTEED MONEY" because the only way anyone pays us for the service, is if we put money in their pockets. You see, we get paid a portion of the savings created for our Customers so they don't ever pay us anything out of pocket.
That's right, with our service EVERYONE WINS GUARANTEED! 🙏
We have a seasoned team of professional negotiators working for us that have already put 8 MILLION DOLLARS and counting back in the pockets of our Customers.
Think about that...
We Can Negotiate:
📱Cell Phone Bills
🔌Utility Bills
📺Cable Bills
🕸Internet Bills
📡Satellite Radio
💦Water Delivery
🐀Pest Control
Remember, YOU RISK NOTHING, and it costs nothing to let us put money in your pockets!
So, as you can see... WE NEED YOUR HELP helping you, and we're excited to 👉get started TODAY!
All you have to do now is click the link, enter your listed email and follow the simple directions provided to get your bills into the system.
Click the link above and enter your email.
Best Regards,
P.S. We're excited to help you. Our average customer is saving $1000 and risking NOTHING to let us help them. We look forward to helping you. 👉CLICK HERE
By the way, if you would like to join our group and help us accomplish this mission then CLICK HERE for more information.
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Working online since 2008 to assist people in earning extra income.

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  • Top Video Contributor
    Unfortunately, your services are more needed than ever, thanks, Lonnie.
  • Top Commentor
    I know that a service such as yours works very well for the many people who simply lack the ability, will or situation to manage these elements of their lives. It is rewarding to be able to help folks as you do, so you deserve the support of having your message spread.
    • Hi, Tom. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the information I provided.
    • Top Member
      I agree with you Tom especially during this pandemic with so many people out of work.
  • Top Member
    This sounds like a great deal Lonnie. Thanks for sharing this information. Many people that are unemployed are needing help with paying the bills you listed above during this pandemic.
    • Thank you, Terri. It is a wonderful service and I love that it is a the structured so that customers have no out-of-pocket expense, so it can only be beneficial. ~L
    • Top Member
      That's a definite plus Lonnie.
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