What Does Freedom Really Mean To You?

Yesterday we covered a great deal of Wealth Principles and I hope you printed out that list and actually studied what I shared, as well as ordered your copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad!

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

But today, I want you to really think about something.  Is it really the money that we are after, or what we can do as a result of having money that is the true testament to success???

Ask yourself this question…

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom means more than just the right to act, think and speak however you choose – it also stands for the opportunity to secure a life of prosperity and happiness in our lives.

For many freedom equals money. To others freedom equals time. In my personal opinion, true freedom happens when you have enough money at your disposal and plenty of time to use that money doing what you want to do.

Living your ideal lifestyle!

No matter what freedom means to you, the more important question I should ask is do you have what it takes to achieve that freedom?  Some people think having boatloads of money equals freedom. But what good is it to have money at your disposal but no extra time to truly do what you want because your life revolves around your job?

Others think having time equals freedom. But what good is having plenty of time but no extra money to spend on the things that would make life joyful and adventurous?

True freedom means richness in both money and time.  Most people are never fortunate enough to experienc the perfect combination of money and time freedom.  They have one or the other. Lots of money and no time or more time than they know what to do with and no money…..

True freedom comes from understanding how to leverage the money and the time you currently have to create more of it in the future.

Network Marketing can bring you the right combination of both money and time and by taking control of how you work, earn and live, you can create the circumstances that lead to the freedom you desire.

Now YOU can make the choices on how to spend your days!

Sounds pretty good huh! It is and not only is it good, it is a great way to live. But how will you know unless you make the commitment to go after your dreams and pursue true freedom?

Getting started is only a matter of making the decision to change. You can get up tomorrow, hit that alarm clock and know that it won’t be long before you’ll no longer need an alarm. You’ll be your own boss, with your own rules, living your own ideal lifestyle. No more restraints, no more lack of money, no more lack of time.

Creating wealth isn’t really as difficult as most people believe. And manifesting a prosperous lifestyle requires finding your ideal balance between enjoying life today while you also build for a better future.

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