What Exactly is Attraction Marketing?

What Exactly is Attraction Marketing?


This is another one of my mentor Gavin
Mountford’s podcasts where he explains
exactly what Attraction Marketing is.

Gavins Attraction Marketing

I am sure you will find this very interesting
and well worth listening to:  He starts:

“Because I’ve been doing this for so long,
it is easy to assume that everyone knows what
Attraction Marketing is… but they don’t!
And even if you’ve been doing this for a while,
you might think you know what it is… (but you may be wrong!)

Attraction Marketing has been a way of
business for many business owners for years…

Let’s take a retail store for example…

They set up their shop, put a few advertisements out there…
leave a few flyers in strategic locations, maybe
put a TV or Radio advert out there and WAIT
for people to come to them…”

To read on and to listen to his podcast click
====>>>> HERE for the full story …….

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  • Thank you EJ really appreciate that.

  • Hey Merle,

    Powerful Marketing advice!   I just shared your Attraction Marketing Post to help other Internet marketers to start building a List of Leads and Prospects

    See Your Marketing Link HERE !

  • Thank you Terri really appreciate that.

  • Thank you Sandra, appreciate that.

  • Top Member

    Merle just revisiting your post and sharing again so more can read your post. Excellence as always from you.

  • This is a super offer, Merle.  Thank you.  I shared it on Google+.

  • Thank you Rhonda and Chris and yes a great phrase
  • Hi Merle, isn't it a great phrase "Attraction Marketing" Karma Marketing, wow it is a mindset indeed. I had better check out the podcast, thanks for sharing your post!

  • Very true Dennis, thank you.

  • Top Commentor

    Attraction marketing comes from mindset. The overall thought is "What you send to the universe is what you will see back from it." When those starting out realize the subconscious mind sees things differently, they can receive back in ways they can't imagine with their conscious mind. 

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