What is Attraction Marketing?

What is Attraction Marketing? Does it work. In a word, yes. Get your FREE report here

Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically tailored to teach customers how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it. Attraction marketing techniques are a simple powerful formula to get MLM leads. This is an effective Attraction marketing blueprint for home based entrepreneurs. The concept is really quite simple. Instead of chasing family and friends promoting your newest MLM business opportunity, network marketing company or whatever program is the newest fad, the Attraction Marketing Secret is to promote and brand you!

Attracting people who resonate with the success opportunities inherent to a home based entrepreneur is easily accomplished by personally branding oneself with the many Social Media sites available: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc …. Keeping in touch and leveraging your time has never been easier with Autoresponder email-marketing and Blogging thus increasing followers and sharing business opportunities.

Be yourself. The value that you share will draw in other aspiring entrepreneurs. Consistently learn and share valuable skills and become informed in all areas of Personal Development, Attraction Marketing, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM, etc… Become the leader that you would want to follow and others will naturally follow your lead. Help others to grow by imparting wisdom and knowledge and directing them to useful information.

Attraction Marketing is all about providing useful content beneficial to prospects. You can do this through article marketing, blogging, ppc advertising, utilizing social media, twitter, youtube, among a few. By providing useful information you solve other business owners' problems. This, in essence builds your list and literally brings prospects to you.

No more chasing family, friends and perfect strangers. No more cold calling. You see, when you bring your prospects to you, they will want to talk to you. This essentially removes the fear of the ten pound phone. Now you can call your prospects, perfectly at ease, because they WANT to talk to you.

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  • Excellent article on Attraction Marketing Ally.  Providing useful content which brings value to others.  Thanks for sharing.  Like and Shared.

  • Thanks for this great explanation of Attraction Marketing, Ally.  When I first got into this business, I could not understand what people meant by that term. Now I know it is the backbone of Network Marketing. 

  • Excellent post Ally, great tips and advice.  Will share for you.

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    Hi Alli,

    Great post :) you are talking right up my alley when you are talking about motivational marketing aka...Attraction Marketing. Thank you for the reminder that attraction marketing is all about the other guy not yourself.

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    This is a fantastic post and you made great points Ally. Your post has been shared on Facebook, +1 and tweeted. I wish you continued success.

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