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What is Entrepreneurial Spirit

What is Entrepreneurial Spirit




What is entrepreneurial spirit? It is the ability to forage ahead under any circumstances or conditions focusing only on the desired destiny at the end of the journey.

From 1981 when my husband and I were married to 1985 we wondered around aimlessly knowing what we wanted but not sure how to get it. We were both in dead end jobs.

We both had big dreams of owning nice cars and our own land away from the big city. We both loved animals but had no place for them.

We had my daughter from my first marriage,and 10 months after we were married we had a son. Together our paychecks didn't add up to 600 dollars a month.

I can't tell you how many weeks we would live on bologna and bread. We might have 12 dollars to buy food if we were lucky. We knew we had to do something.

We were determined to not let our situation define us. We had a 1970 Oldsmobile SS with a 440 engine in it. We pack that car down with what we could get in it and off to Texas we headed.

Move forward to 2013 in Wise County Texas, we own land, cattle, animals, a brick home and we have more cars and trucks than any two people will ever need.


Believe me when I tell you that, "No one did this for us." We lived through somethings that I'm quite sure most would find extremely difficult.

We set our sights on what we wanted and we were hell bent and determined that we would arrive at our destination. We let (nothing) defer us our eyes were always on the prize.

We had been in Texas a very short time before Christmas came around. We had no Christmas decorations, tree or money.

My husband so intent on getting our kids at least a Christmas Tree had decided that he would sneak across the road where we had seen some ceder trees and swipe one, yes he was that determined the kids would at least have a tree.


He crossed the fence as I watched out the window. I was torn between my pride in him for loving the kids enough to do something like this, and the guilt of him doing something like this.

It seemed that time stood still, honestly not sure how long he was gone but I knew it was a lot longer than it took to cut a tree. I started getting really worried and scared.

Suddenly the door swung open and in he came toting the butt end of a ceder tree pulling in the branches as they caught on the door frame. There was such a big smile on his face.

He could see the guilt on my face and motioned for me to follow him to the kitchen while the kids mauled the tree.

There he told me that he did love the kids but once he got over there he just couldn't do it. He said that he couldn't live with steeling from someone even if it was just a tree.

He walk a long way and found where the owner of the land lived. He knocked on his door told him our situation and the man gladly let him cut any tree that he wanted.

My husband once over the fence, even though, (he believed he could do it, he believed the kids deserved it and he believed he would get it), his self esteem would not let him succumb to steeling.

You must always keep your eye on what you want but more important is to always keep your self esteem wrapped up in your dignity and hold your head high!

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"In marketing it's never about you and ALWAYS about the other person. Believe it, Remember it,  Practice it and success will be yours."

Susan J. Boston

Skype: susanjboston


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  • Hi Susan, I loved reading your story and so glad you came out the other end.  Honesty is always the best policy.  Thanks for sharing and will share for you.

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    Thank you Terri :) I am so happy to be here with you guys. I have always loved to write and it so wonderful when other enjoyed it. Yes, it did work out for us we refused to let it turn out any other way :)

    That is what I try and pass along to others. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Top Member

    I'm so glad that everything turned out great for you. I really enjoyed reading your post. I will be posting it on the Syndication Express blog for many, many more to see the great spirit in you. Keep up the great writing Susan. I'm very happy to have you in the community. Have a wonderful day.

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