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What is The Perfect Marketing Business

perfect marketing business

The perfect marketing business what is it? You must have something that everyone not only wants but needs.

It must also be something that solves a problem for the buyer at a low price. In addition====>Don't forget to share

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    Hi Merle thank you :)

  • Great post thanks for sharing and great tips on your blog.
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    Hi Bruce and Sally,

    LOL well I hope they can and if nothing else maybe it will remind em to pick up some at the store :)

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    Hi Terri,

    Well it just seem to fit with all the criteria of a good product to market LOL. Thanks for reading and sharing :)

  • Excellent.  Everyone should easily get the point if they read your post!!

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    Excellent post with a great illustration using the toilet tissue. Everyone needs to use toilet tissue when they make that trip to the facilities for personal use. It will always be sold in the stores because of this fact. Shared via Syndication Automation and the SE business page on Google.

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