What Is VALUE To A Customer In Today's Marketplace?

In these challenging times of dealing with the coronavirus and all of the other fastpaced changes people are faced with, what is VALUE in today's marketplace?


Traditional brick and mortar (B&M) businesses are certainly attempted to solve this equation and their very existence may depend on the solutions they offer.


Of course, price is important, yet it is only a component in a great value proposition.  In the current environment would you settle for a low price IF you thought a B&M business was NOT providing a safe and healthy shopping environment?  Businesses that use to charge extra for curbside (or even home delivery) might now provide those options with little or no additional charge.  And the extra levels of customer service are likely to be absorbed by the business meaning the profit margin is smaller than before the break out of the pandemic. 


Services like Ibotta and GasBuddy have allowed people to get additional savings.  Savvy consumers are also looking for promo codes and checking with online (or apps) comparsion shopping services to feel confident that the price is competitive.




Yet supply and demand is allowing many of our basic household bills to continue to creep up with us feeling disempowered to do much about it.  Many of us like our current service providers so comparision shopping does not really provide an option we might be willing to take.  Services like our cable/satellite television, wireless, internet, electricity, home security monitoring subscriptions, etc. know that we have a reluctance to change.  So I was extremely excited when I was introduced to a company that helps people pay less on many of their household bills while keeping the same service provider and the same level of service!  This company is so confident in their capabilities of negotiating for a lower price that they do the work upfront for free and customers do not have to have any out-of-pocket expense... the company will not charge a customer a nickle unless (and until) it has saved that customer a dime!  Over 80% of the people that let the company go to work for them receive savings!!!


My wireless bill went from $150 per month (two lines with text, talk and data) to $69.95 per month!  I invite you to see if this service can save you money too. Go to LowerYourBills.services and follow the very simple steps to see if you can benefit.  At the very least you will know that you are getting a great value for your basic household bills!





While this service is currently only available to residents in the U.S. it is looking to expand into additional markets, so those reading this that are outside of the U.S. may soon be able to benefit too.


I hope you are able to benefit like I have!


By the way, IF you would also like to join with me in spreading the word about this great service then to to:  ExtraIncomeForYou.info

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    Saving money is a plus for a lot of people these days. Thank you Lonnie for sharing this information.
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    A rare case of real here-and-now value Lonnie. I love an article with instant practical punch!
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