What Is Your Favorite Movie?

What Is Your Favorite Movie?

      I used to LOVE scary movies growing up. I could watch a scary movie anytime, I would get scared but I still loved watching anything. When I was young we lived in Houston Tx for a yr or two and I was the only one up very late. I was watching a spider movie do not remember the name and I watched the exorcist movie. The same night as I was watching these movies someone hit a power line and lights all thru town went off. That scared the crap out of me.

I heard a loud noise and I went outside to check and there was a fire down the street where they hit it. After that night I would go to bed I would turn off my light and run to my bed. I would not have my hands nor feet hanging off my bed again for a long time. I even felt better when my brother was sleeping in my bed as well. HAHA

He was always there when I would get scared anytime and I never told him what happened.

The movie Old Dogs with John Travolta and Robin Williams I loved this movie. I laughed so hard I was hurting from laughing so much. I think my ex boyfriend and I were laughing loud seemed like we were the only ones laughing alot with this movie. I want this movie on my list of movies to have. 

The romance movies there are so many beautiful movies out there but The Titanic is one of my fav movies. I can watch it several times. I was hoping to see it in 3D but I wasn't able to go see it when it was out. 

The goonies is a cute movie. I enjoy this movie. One of my cousins, she is the youngest girl out of six kids. She loves the goonies, so when they would come over and I let them pick out a movie she would always pick goonies. The other kids would get mad haha She has crush on Sean Astin but only when he was a kid then. She doesn't care for adults haha. She's still young herself. 

I love Christian movies, I enjoy fireproof and Courageous. I haven't seen the one about the football players. I love the movies about the bible.

If you know of another christian movie that is really good please share it with me I'm always looking for more movies to see. 

The only movie that I wish I didn't see was the Fog and there is another movie similar to it that was not interesting to see. 

OMG!! Who enjoys twilight sega? I have all of them and I love to watch em. The funny part is one of my cousins he looks alot like Taylor Loutner. I always tell him to color his hair black like Taylor's because his is like sandy blonde and he gets mad and tells me no. I tell him you can get alot of girlfriends that way haha just messing with him.

 Everytime the girls talk about Taylor someone will say hey we can't talk about how cute or sexy he is because Richey looks to much like him and that's just nasty to think of your family like that. HAHA 

You may not be able to meet your dream guy or girl from the movies but you can live your dreams by having your own business or having your dream of getting your health back to normal. 

Here are a few Plexus Testimonies to share:

Lonna says ~ My story-I had my fourth child on August 11, 2013. Four weeks later I started working out (I am a gym junkie) After 7 weeks of working out and eating pretty clean/healthy I had not lost one ounce. I didn't find this too surprising since I've never lost weight while nursing with any of my other kids. I decided to give plexus a try, which was a big surprise to my husband because I am anti- weight loss supplements! But after reading about and studying up on plexus' all natural ingredients, and after my dr.'s approval... I thought I would give it a shot. With a 60 day money back guarantee why not!!? 

Alishia's testimony- WooHoo just left the doctors office. Off all meds!!! Been off blood pressure meds since starting plexus. This morning it was a normal 112/80!! First time in years even when I was on bp meds. Doctors orders........ I'm so proud of you! Keep doing what your doing!! Plexus ROCKS!!!

I started taking plexus on October 25. By November 22 I had lost 13.2 pounds. (4 weeks!) I couldn't be happier with my progress. I have continued to go to the gym daily and make better food choices. The thing I think it helped with most is my cravings for simple carbs. I was able to eat more proteins, veggies and fruit and not get a specific cravings for breads. I look forward to my continued success with plexus and of course my hard work in the kitchen and the gym!

My testimony- I'm hypoglycemia, I have nerve damage and I had a second degree burns on my left hand. I use the body cream on my hand and the scars are going away. I take the slim for my hypoglycemia and I take the nerve health support by the sea and nerve health support for my nerves. Before I was taking these products I would wake up shaky, I would always feel like I had jumping beans in my legs,arms and back because of my nerves. The body cream changed the look of my burned scars on my left hand. 


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