What’s The Price For Freedom?



Do Freedom Have A Price.

The price of freedom may have a variety of answers based on what point an individual is in life. In my case freedom do have a price. For example a real life situation, a young women was presented with an opportunity for freedom. She quickly saw her freedom with the presentation and decided right away to make a sacrifice.  Her sacrifice was not paying her light and gas bill for six months so she can invest in her freedom. After making that decision, one day she attended a live promotional event. One of the top earners in the business glance across the room from where she was standing  saw a woman with her head in the palm of her hands crying uncontrollable. From across the room their eyes connected when she raised her head to wipe the tears running controllable. She asked the woman silently are you ok? She said yes, but still crying throughout the presentation.  The top earner approached her and said to the lady, “May I speak to you outside?’ They went out side and the lady shared her story. I see my freedom and I invested all I have it was not much.  

When the conversation was over the big earner and another director spoke about the situation and instantly knew they had to help this lady. They presented her with a package of $5,000 dollars in gold coins. When she cashes those coins in on July 4th 2019, the guarented  return is $40,000. Yes some of us do have to pay a price for freedom. It is not emotion it is math. 

My price to freedom is staying focus on saving gold on a weekly basis. Stay focus on the things I like to do. Keep the mind present, enjoy life and live in gratitude. 


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  • Active Member

    Interesting Story Camille.  I know there is a price for freedom.  You have to be willing to work hard and sacrifice for freedom.  Gold is golden and will always be a solid investment.    

  • Top Member

    Freedom is different for everyone. Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing your blog post in the SE community. 

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