What’s This Charge On My Credit Card?

What's This Charge On My Card

What’s This Charge On My Card



She Asked What’s This Charge On My Card


What’s This Charge On My Credit Card?


I was roused out of sleep this morning by a phone call at 7:45 am. On the other end of the phone was a woman asking “What’s this charge on my credit card?”


Half awake I answered it would have been a charge for your purchase of either Net M’LM Profits or Internet M’LM Success and if you want to get the full details of when you made your purchase here’s my customer support number to find the charge.


She stopped me mid sentence and asked “Who am I talking to?”


When I told her my name, I could literally feel her start to smile on the other end of the phone.


“Ohh it’s you, no no no go back to sleep, just wasn’t sure what this charge was. I love the book and I’m so happy to get a chance to talk to you. I’ve got some questions for you, but I’ll let you sleep for now.”


Ha ha!


I said “I’ll talk to you later.”


I hung up and went back to sleep for a few minutes.


The marketing principle here is simple.


Apply it to your business.


“As long as you deliver value to your recruits, teammates, and customers, first, the details aren’t that important.”


It’s a key to success that I think is very much overlooked these days.


We all want an instant downline.


In fact, sitting on my desk in front of me is one of those “That was easy buttons”


When I get down with an hour or two of work I hit it to remind myself that “That was easy!”


Well in network marketing most want an easy button.


They want to join a business, get the button delivered to their front door, open the box, press it and 3 seconds later have an instant downline that is going to pay them for the rest of their life.


Not saying it isn’t possible, but I had to buy my easy button.


All joking aside though . . .


The easy button in your business is laying the foundation. Creating leverage, learning how to market and make a sale, becoming a resource.


Once you know these things it is easy, so be sure to focus on them in your early days.


Most Folks Online Would Love To Get That Early Call About A Charge On Someones Card For Their Product




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